Drug Delivery

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The Police interupting a drug delivery.

After Niko has completed the second mission for Little Jacob, he offers Niko work as a drug courier.

From then on, whenever Niko calls Little Jacob for work, the latter will give him a location where his "product" needs to be delivered. The drugs are located in a car parked next to the Homebrew Cafe on the Broker-Dukes Expressway. You can use this vehicle (which is a very hard to control, not to mention decrepit backfiring beater) or your own (you just have to get in to pick up the product) or you can simply call a taxi that will take you there instantly (which helps if you have to complete the delivery within a given timeframe). If Niko gains a wanted level before getting to the buyer, the player will have to lose the wanted level, which can be a hassle with timed deliveries. Completing the delivery successfully raises Jacob's fondness of Niko. While failing the delivery will decrease it. Niko will phone Jacob at the end of a delivery, either positively or negatively (depending on whether the player failed or succeeded). Completing a drug delivery will also earn the player $250.

The deliveries take to you numerous locations in Broker and Dukes, and play out in a different order each time. They fall into the following categories:

  • Timed: The buyer is waiting to deal and is getting nervous, the player must reach them and make the deal within a time limit. The time limit is usually very short, so any delay due to crashing, wanted level, etc. will likely result in failure. Note: the GPS route shown is not always the quickest route to the target.
  • Stash: The player must stash the product in a secure location for the buyer to pick it up later. Typically, a rival gang knows about the stash point and ambushes the player when they make the drop, leading to a shootout. The player must kill all rival gang members to complete the mission. It's advisable that Niko have full health and, ideally, full body armor before taking on this mission.
  • Deal: The player must meet with the buyers to make the deal. There is no time limit, but when the transaction is complete the police will show up and crash the party, prompting a shootout between them and the dealers. The player must escape and lose their 2 star wanted level to complete the mission. This is very difficult using the beater Jacob provides, so it's advisable Niko get better wheels quickly.

Once the player has successfully completed ten deliveries, Jacob will send a text message saying the police are cracking down and there will be no more deliveries. Completing all ten deliveries will reward the player the Courier Service achievement. Your reward for finishing will be a Huntley Sport with a unique jamaican flag colored paint job.