Little Lacy Surprise

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Little Lacy Surprise is a "fashion underwear" for children first mentioned in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. It parodies the continuing trend of suggestive underwear for young girls and young boys, and also comes as unisex, according to a radio advertisement on GTA Vice City Stories. Allegedly, the underwear comes in a range of "styles" on the cartoon characters, The Barfs. However, this commercial strongly implies pedophilia and even incest, something that panelist Bryony Craddock denounces on Pressing Issues. This ad airs on Espantoso and features Jack Howitzer.

In Grand Theft Auto IV, the company supposedly hosts a website about a pageant sponsored by them. Upon accessing the closed website, the player recieves a 5-star wanted level.


Girl: Do you want to see my underwear?
Boy: I sure do!
Girl I don't have any hair down there.
Boy: I don't care.
Girl: I have got a little lacy surprise!
Boy: Oh boy!
Girl: And you aren't going to believe your eyes.
[Announcer comes in and explains his love for kid's underwear]
Girl: I have got a little lacy surprise! Oh daddy please close your eyes.