Far Out/Script

The following are dialog and mission scripts for "Far Out", a mission in Grand Theft Auto V.


(Franklin approaches Omega's trailer)

Omega: Log eight dash nine dash zeta dash three x.

(Omega spots Franklin walking towards him)

Omega: Wait!

(Franklin takes another step toward Omega)

Omega: Wait, wait!

(Franklin continues to move closer to Omega)

Omega: Stop!

Franklin Clinton: What's the problem, homie?

Omega: Wait!

(Omega begins to walk around Franklin and points a device towards him)

Omega: Carbon based life form. Check. Six feet tall. Check. Slightly excessive adipose tissue. Normal distribution. Check. Readings are... Readings are... Shoot! This little machine is broken again. Check. Stardate fourteen dash nine dash three-zero-five, time is... seven eighty-nine past the ninth meridian. We are clear! Greetings, CBL. Carbon Based Lifeform.

Franklin Clinton: Greetings, homie.

Omega: Have you seen them, CBL?

Franklin Clinton: Seen who?

Omega: I don't know.

(Omega and Franklin shrug their shoulders)

Omega: They came to me last week. There was a brilliant joy, and a terrible confusion, and they were laughing and screaming and crying all at once, and some said, "Omega, we come in peace!" and others said, "We have come to enslave you! We are an infinitely intelligent race of super cosmic beings, and out of the six billion people on this plant we have chosen you for no good reason." And just then they were about to abduct me and do experiments on me, when their ship crashed.

Franklin Clinton: Man, you done lost your motherfuckin' mind?

Omega: And now, I've got to find the pieces.

Franklin Clinton: Man, bullshit...

(Omega shows an object to Franklin)

Omega: Look! Look! See this? Hmm? If you see some, if you see some, let me know.

Franklin Clinton: Yeah, yeah, okay, I will, man.

(Franklin then begins to leave the area)

Omega: Resuming data scan.

(Franklin continues leaving the area)

Franklin Clinton: What a freak.