Forum Drive Families

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Forum Drive Families
Members of The Families in GTA V.
Games: GTA V
GTA Online
Locations: Chamberlain Hills, Los Santos
Strawberry, Los Santos
Leaders: Franklin Clinton
Lamar Davis
Type: A set of The Families
Enemies: Ballas
Los Santos Vagos
Marabunta Grande
Varrios Los Aztecas
The Lost Brotherhood
Affiliations: Simeon Yetarian (2013)
GTA Online protagonist (2013 onwards)
Michael De Santa (2013 onwards)
Trevor Philips (2013 onwards)
Colors: Green
Businesses: Drug Trafficking
Weapons Trafficking
Fronts: Crystal Heights
Leroy's Electricals
Members: Franklin Clinton
Lamar Davis
Gerald G.

Forum Drive Families also known as Forum Drive Gangsters is a set of The Families run by Franklin Clinton and Lamar Davis from Forum Drive, Strawberry, Los Santos.


It was started in secret by Lamar and Franklin, who were originally part of the Chamberlain Gangster Families set, presumably within a year or two from the beginning of Grand Theft Auto V.

By the events of GTA V, Franklin is eager to have Lamar speak up about the grouping to long-time CGF OG Stretch, who is still trying to run the two as a high ranking member of CGF. However Stretch continues to put down their set, telling them CGF is in their blood. Regardless of this, Lamar and Franklin proceed with growing their set.

Grand Theft Auto Online

Using Lifeinvader Lamar comes in contact with an experienced gun-for-hire, and has him or her come down to Los Santos to help work for FDF. Lamar and his assosiate Gerald G. employ the gun-for-hire to interrupt several deals between Ballas, Los Santos Vagos, the Marabunta Grande, Varrios Los Aztecas, The Lost Brotherhood, and various criminal crews spanning across the entirety of Southern San Andreas.

In 2013 Forum Drive Families also became associated with car dealer Simeon Yetarian, Franklin and Lamar were legally employed by him, however they were illegally repossessing cars. Simeon also employes new FDF associate, the GTA Online Protagonist to do the same thing, however he pays him under the table and employes him to do more high-risk jobs such as blowing up vehicles and taking cars while the owners are present.

At this point, Franklin tries to keep his involvement in FDF strictly to repossessing cars for Simeon, and trying to keep Lamar alive and out of jail. However Lamar continues to meet contacts, eventually meeting people who need someone to hijack large shipments of gas, or sometimes various chemicals.

After these jobs Lamar's friend Leroy is kidnapped by Ballas and he employes the GTA Online protagonist once again to murder the Ballas holding him in a constantly moving van, and bring Leroy back safely to Strawberry for five grand.

Going back to his old roots of hustling cigarettes with Franklin in elementary school and possibly high school, Lamar gets word of some Vagos who stole a shipment of Redwood Cigarettes and are hiding the shipment at a train yard in El Burro Heights. He pays the online protagonist another five thousand to kill the Vagos and steal the shipment.

Lamar however still puts in work for the CGF, as some OGs at one point task him to murder a bunch of Lost MC bikers causing a ruckus in the cemetery in Pacific Bluffs, and in turn he hires the online protagonist to take care of them, which he/she successfully does.

Grand Theft Auto V

While doing a routine repossession for Simeon, Franklin ends up meeting a former bank robber Michael De Santa while illegally repossessing his son's car from his home in Rockford Hills. Micheal has Franklin drive the vehicle into Simeon's show room at gunpoint, however before sending Franklin away and beating up Simeon, Michael pays him for doing what he asked. This event severs the ties between Forum Drive Families and Simeon as Lamar and Franklin are fired immediately after.

After losing his job, Franklin is left with the idea of how another criminal (however former) made it big enough to own multiple cars and a mansion in Rockford Hills. Franklin decides to seek out Micheal, and meets him at his house while he's relaxing in the backyard. Michael tells Franklin he was joking about having a beer with him, but after their conversation Michael decides to go with Franklin to have a drink. However on the way, Michael recieves a call from his son, who is being held on Michael's yacht that he tried to sell to some members of the Marabunta Grande. Franklin assists Michael in saving his son, and the two begin their business relationship, leading to Franklin assisting in some huge high-risk heists in Los Santos and Blaine County, while Lamar continues to focus directly on events concerning gangs and drugs.

Lamar decides to make a large sum of cash off the Ballas by kidnapping a member named D, he has Franklin assist him but after capturing him and before returning to Forum Drive, Lamar uses his cellphone to place a call to the Ballas, which Franklin knows is a bad move seeing as they can trace the phone. Because of this mistake the two are forced to let D go, and Lamar, now under heavy watch from the Ballas, asks Franklin to take his dog Chop in case things get messy at his home.

After CGF OG Stretch is released from prison, he employes Franklin and Lamar to purchase some drugs off of a dealer at a recycling plant in La Puerta. Unbeknownst to Franklin and Lamar, Stretch had made peace with some Ballas while in prison, and angry over the fact that Franklin and Lamar have seemed to branch off with FDF regardless of his statements, tries to have them killed in a set up. When they arrive at the deal it turns out to be D, the Balla that Lamar had previously tried to kidnap. Lamar at this point thinks everything is cool, however Franklin knew better. Suddenly the place is overrun by Ballas, but before D can officially state that Stretch was also behind the set up, Stretch shoots him in the head twice. The three escape and Franklin drives Lamar and Stretch back to Lamar's house.

Regardless of his betrayal, Lamar is still unconvinced that Stretch is behind what happened at the recycling plant. He is again employed by Stretch to do a drug deal on Grove Street, which at this point is Ballas territory. Franklin is suspicious that this will too turn out to be an ambush, and decides to go along with him as protection.

Luckily at this point, an insane but reliable friend from Michael De Santa's past, Trevor Philips, meets up with Franklin and Lamar just before they leave, insisting that he help them out as he's a gangster just like them. Trevor does in fact heavily prove his worth as it is his actions that bring to light the fact that Franklin and Lamar were actually being sold dry-wall, and after the Ballas ambush them, Trevor assists them in escaping alive.