Jimmy De Santa

James De Santa
Appearances GTA V
Full Name James De Santa
Aliases Jimmy
James Townley (former name)
Gender Gender::Male
Date of Birth 1993
Age Now 31
Nationality American
Home North Yankton (Formely), Rockford Hills, Los Santos, San Andreas
Family Michael De Santa (father)
Amanda De Santa (mother)
Tracey (sister)
Vehicles BeeJay XL (repossessed)
Tailgater (taken from Michael temporarily)
Voiced by Danny Tamberelli

James "Jimmy" De Santa is a in the HD Universe who appears as a supporting character in Grand Theft Auto V. He is voiced by Danny Tamberelli.

Character history

Jimmy is the dysfunctional son of protagonist Michael and his wife Amanda and Tracey's brother. Jimmy does not have a good relationship with his family, as he blames Michael for most, if not all, of his problems, and he constantly argues with Tracey; however, he seemingly does not have any major conflict with his mother.

Jimmy purchases a SUV from Simeon Yetarian's Premium Deluxe Motorsport, and the SUV is later repossessed by Franklin Clinton when Simeon believed that Jimmy was already late on his payments, despite just recently purchasing the vehicle. Jimmy later attempts to sell his dad's yacht; however, the buyers steal the boat, and Michael and Franklin are forced to rescue him. Jimmy later becomes friends with Franklin. Some time later, Michael attempts to bond with Jimmy by taking him for a bike ride. Jimmy complains during most of the outing, as the two had an argument beforehand which resulted in the destruction of Jimmy's TV, and states that Michael doesn't treat Tracey with the same level of scrutiny he's treated with. After Michael rebuts Jimmy's complaints, believing that Tracey is more responsible, Jimmy reveals that she is on a yacht with porn producers, infuriating Michael. After Michael takes Tracey off the boat, she shows her anger towards Jimmy; however, Jimmy claims that he didn't expect their father to overreact as he did.

Michael later discovers a large brick of marijuana in the freezer and confronts Jimmy about it. As the two have the argument over the marijuana, Trevor Philips shows up unexpectedly. When Trevor notices Tracey is not at home, Jimmy reveals that she is at the Maze Bank Arena, auditioning for Fame or Shame. After Michael has a falling out with Amanda after attempting to attack her yoga instructor Fabien LaRouche, he goes to Jimmy's room and finds that his TV had been replaced. Michael wants Jimmy to go with him since he wants to get out of the house and doesn't want to go by himself. Jimmy tells Michael to take him to Burger Shot to meet with his drug dealer; during the exchange, Jimmy receives a large cup of a drug-laced soft drink. Jimmy convinces Michael to take a sip; as Michael comes under the effect of the drug, Jimmy throws Michael out of his car, telling his mother that Michael was driving under the influence, causing her and the children to leave Michael.

Jimmy eventually returns Michael's car with some modifications, including dollar sign rims and a "La Cucaracha" car horn. Later, Jimmy comes home in an attempt to reconcile with his father and convinces him to show Amanda that he cares about her and the children. Jimmy's relations with his father soon improve after moving back in with Michael. When Solomon Richards premieres his latest film Meltdown, Jimmy rents a limousine to take him and Michael to the premiere at the Oriental Theater. When Michael realizes that Devin Weston sent Merryweather mercenaries to kill Amanda and Tracey, he and Jimmy race back to the De Santa mansion. Michael tells Jimmy to keep himself hidden while he neutralizes the threat. When Michael is ambushed by a surviving mercenary, Jimmy rescues Michael by knocking out the mercenary with his bong. Jimmy tries to imitate his favorite video game taunt by teabagging the downed mercenary, but ends up doing it to Michael by mistake. Fearing another attack by more mercenaries, Jimmy, Tracey, and Amanda to move out again for their safety.

If the player decides to assassinate either Michael or Trevor, Jimmy will cut his ties with Franklin.


Jimmy is portrayed as a young whiny adult, exhibiting stereotypical Millennial behaviours such as being lazy, believing he's entitled to everything, and believing that he knows everything. He spends most of his days smoking marijuana, playing video games, particularly the first person shooter Righteous Slaughter 7, and masturbating. While playing video games, he often uses racial and homophobic slurs against his opponents.

Mission appearances


  • He has a neck tattoo that reads "entitled".
  • Jimmy is possibly the character "Kevin de Silva" from a leaked casting call believed to pertain to GTA V, with a simple name change for both him and his protagonist father.