Grand Theft Wiki:Titles

Page titles, also known as page names, are very important to get right. A bad title could mean your page is never found or used, or that we might have duplicates.

To aid in being consistent, this guide sets out how we expect titles to be used.

See the Style Guide for details on style, structure and language.


Titles of game pages should always be the long form of the games name, for example:

You should never use the short form (GTA 1, GTA Vice City) in the title.

Game Content

For pages about the content of games (such as Missions in GTA Vice City), you should:

  • Follow the "X in Y" format
    • Do not use the bracketed format: "Missions (GTA Vice City)"
    • Do not use subpages: "GTA Vice City/Missions"
  • Use the short form of game names WITHOUT a colon
    • Correct = Missions in GTA Vice City
    • Wrong = Missions in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
    • Wrong = Missions in GTA: Vice City

Pages about Things

For pages about specific things, such as characters, missions, vehicles, weapons etc, you should:

  • Use the full title of what they are known as in-game
    • For vehicles/weapons/places, use the in-game name NOT the real name
    • For characters, give both parts of their name wherever possible - Carl Johnson not just Carl
  • Use what they are most-commonly known as in-game, even if this is not its full/real title
    • Use Sweet (what he's always known as) rather than "Sean Johnson" (his real name)
    • Don't expand/interpret abbreviations like MAC-10 or NRG-500

Uppercase or Lowercase?

On Grand Theft Wiki, all titles follow Title Case.

This means that most words start with a capital letter, except basic ones such as a/the/and/or/in/out/of/on/off/with/from/but.

The only exceptions are where one of these words are part of a Proper Noun, i.e. the name of one specific thing. For example, the Vank Off Hotel. You would also do it if the title is only 1 or 2 words in length (such as the Dust Off mission) but not where the name is a whole sentence or phrase (such as Love on the Rocks).

Correct examples of Title Case:

  • Missions in GTA Vice City
  • The First Mission of GTA Vice City
  • Something to do with a Game

Wrong examples:

  • Sentence Case: Something to do with a game (Wikipedia uses this format)
  • Every-word caps: Something To Do With A Game (this is NEVER correct)
  • Camel Case: SomethingToDoWithAGame

Images, Templates, Categories

  • Image names need to be simple and descriptive, such as
  • Image names should not have spaces in. Use hyphens instead.
  • It helps if you specify which game it is from, using an abbreviation
  • A handy guide is "Subject-Detail-Game"
  • Image names always need to end in the file format (.jpg/.png/.gif/.svg) for the image you upload.
    • This is automatically entered into the box when you upload an image, so don't remove or change it.
  • Correct example: "Cheetah-Rear-GTAIV.png"


Templates should all be lowercase and abbreviated, such as {{gtaiv}} and {{gtaiii vehicles}}.

  • Categories should be plural (Missions not Mission) - imagine that it says "list of..." before it
  • Categories should follow title case like normal articles
  • Categories should use the short form of game names (GTA Vice City)
  • Categories should not use the "X in Y" format - use "GTA IV Missions" instead