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Corporal.png I am an Administrator of Grand Theft Wiki.

Ask me if you have any problems or suggestions, or if you spot anything bad

Hello, everybody!

I am most experienced with GTA San Andreas, and have played it extensively. I also have experience with GTA III and GTA Vice City.

I can be found on the GTAWiki IRC channel most evenings. I usually sign on between midnight and 3:00AM Greenwich Mean Time, and sign off between 5:00AM and 8:00AM. On random days, I may be there all day long. Connect to FreeNode, and type /join #GTAWiki

Emails and talk page comments will usually be answered within a day or two.

I was introduced to wikis on The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages Wiki (or UESPWiki). If anyone's interested, this is my user page on UESP.

Right now, I'm working on standardizing the the individual mission pages on Missions in GTA San Andreas. I'm trying to flesh out the whole of the San Andreas pages.

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Corporal.png I am an Administrator of Grand Theft Wiki - ask me for help
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