Missions in GTA San Andreas

Missions in GTA San Andreas

This is a comprehensive list of story missions in the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

There are 104 missions in total in GTA San Andreas. However, among them, two optional storyline mission strands exist, one each in San Fierro and Las Venturas. Although they are not necessary, it is important to complete them both for a sense of completion of the storyline, as well as statistical 100% completion.

The Introduction

The Introduction is a roughly twenty minute video, created with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas' video engine, that details how events in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City led to events in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It was available with the North American PS2 Special Edition of GTA San Andreas or the official soundtrack double CD. It is set in early 1992. The video ends directly at the beginning of GTA San Andreas, when protagonist Carl "CJ" Johnson arrives in San Andreas after hearing the news that his mom has died.

Los Santos missions

Protagonist Carl "CJ" Johnson returns to his hometown of Los Santos and needs to re-establish himself in his former neighborhood. Missions in this city involve Carl's attempt to regain respect within the Grove Street Families and face the obstacles confronting his family. Many of these missions have Carl as the driver with additional help as required.

There are 27 missions in the main thread in Los Santos, including an introductory mini-game mission which leads the player to the first official mission.

Introductory missions

These missions slowly introduce you to the essentials of the game and the main characters you will encounter many times throughout the story. This section of the story is where you will receive some of the most important benefits/unlocks.

Name/Screenshot Objective Rewards Unlocks

In the beginning...

Situation: Carl returns to Los Santos and is confronted by corrupt C.R.A.S.H. officers Frank Tenpenny, Edward "Eddie" Pulaski and an accompanying rookie Jimmy Hernandez. They frame him for a murder they committed themselves, that of fellow officer Ralph Pendelbury, and leave him in the lurch to protect his loved ones. Finally, they dump him in an alleyway in Jefferson, where Carl has nothing but only a bicycle nearby at his disposal.

Task: Climb the provided bicycle, and using the bicycle, or a motor vehicle because the bicycle is voluntary to use, head back to Grove Street and enter The Johnson House.

None Big Smoke

Safehouses in Los Santos

Aircrafts in Los Santos International Airport

Maverick in Easter Bay Airport

Access to Red County

Big Smoke

Meet your childhood friend and high-ranking Grove Street Families member Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris for the first time in five years. None Sweet & Kendl

Sweet & Kendl

Situation: Carl is picked up by Smoke, who informs him of the conditions in Los Santos, and takes him in his all-black Perennial to his mother Beverly Johnson's funeral, where Carl's siblings, brother Sean "Sweet" Johnson and sister Kendl Johnson, along with Smoke's fellow high-ranking Grove Street Families member and childhood friend Lance "Ryder" Wilson are mourning her death. Firstly, however, an embittered Sweet has an argument with Carl, which develops into another argument with Kendl, who leaves in fury. Carl and Sweet have a heated discussion, and when the four of them are about to leave, they are ambushed by a few Ballas, who destroy Smoke's Perennial. They find BMX bikes nearby and decide to escape.

Task: Escape the Ballas with Sweet, Smoke and Ryder and head back to Ganton.

Respect Ryder

The Johnson House as a save point



Situation: Carl finally meets Ryder, who tells him that there's a catch with a pizza boy. Again, he wishes Carl gets a haircut, so they go to an old acquainted barber, Reece, and visit a pizza store in front of the latter's salon, where they get into a fight with the pizza boy.

Task: Get a haircut at Reece's Hair & Facial Studio and some food from The Well Stacked Pizza Co. and drive with Ryder back home.

Respect Tagging Up Turf

All hair salons, tattoo parlors and eateries across San Andreas


Name Objective Reward Unlocks

Tagging Up Turf

Situation: Carl pays a visit to Sweet, who has him try to prove his mettle in the war against the Ballas. The first of these tasks is to invade Ballas graffiti over the hoods.

Task: Spray the Grove Street Families tag over the enemy gang tags.

Cleaning the Hood

Spawn spray can on the first floor of The Johnson House with 5x ammunition
Spawn AK-47, Tec-9, Sawn-Off Shotgun and Molotov Cocktails with 2x ammunition in the kitchen of The Johnson House for spraying all 100 tags


Cleaning the Hood

Situation: Sweet is fed up of crack dealers on the streets who have victimized the Grove Street Families by selling them hard drugs. Carl and Ryder then set out to kill all crack dealers in Ganton.

Task: Clear off all street crack dealers in Ganton by attacking a dealer and later invading a crack den nearby in Crystal Gardens, Idlewood.

Respect Drive-Thru


Situation: Carl, Sweet, Smoke and Ryder are hungry, so they go out to eat. On the way, they spot a Voodoo filled with Kilo Tray Ballas members trying to attack Grove Street. They must stop the Ballas.

Task: Drive to the nearby Cluckin' Bell in Willowfield. Prevent the Ballas from reaching Grove Street.

Nines and AKs

Gyms across San Andreas


Nines and AKs

Situation: Carl finds that the Families have no weapons ever since the police raided the hood. He convinces them to reach out an old affiliate from the Seville Boulevard Families, Emmet, who can provide them with weapons for the time being. Smoke agrees, and takes him to Emmet's place, where Carl tests out his shooting skills.

Task: Collect some pistols and weapon-training from Emmet.

Respect Drive-By
OG Loc

Binco outlets across the three cities
Pro-Laps outfits in Rodeo, Los Santos and Creek, Las Venturas
Sub Urban outlets across the three cities



Situation: Ryder seems to be dissing Carl's driving skills. Sweet convinces him to show Carl his shooting skills, and that's where the mood is on: a drive-by.

Task: Perform drive-by shootings on the Ballas and escape the heat afterwards.

Sweet's Girl
Home Invasion

A map unlock :- Due to an in-mission programme which prohibits a wanted level before a point in the mission, it is possible to unlock the entire map of San Andreas before entering Sweet's car in the beginning of the mission. Furthermore, with extreme precaution, it is also possible to collect all collectibles inside and outside Los Santos, which will reward the player with huge amounts of money and access to spawn weapons with multiple rounds of ammo at the Doherty Garage in San Fierro (Grenades {2x}, Pump Action Shotgun {6x}, Sniper Rifle {6x} and Micro SMG {2x}) and The Four Dragons Casino in Las Venturas (Satchel Charges {2x}, Combat Shotgun {2x}, SMG {2x} and M16 {2x}).

Sweet's Girl

Situation: Carl visits Sweet's house, but there's nobody inside, so he leaves. However, once outside, Carl is contacted by Sweet, who reveals that the Seville Boulevard Families boys have attacked him and his girlfriend from the set. There's little time on Carl's hand to save Sweet and his girlfriend.

Task: Rescue Sweet from the Seville Boulevard Families.

Respect Cesar Vialpando

Cesar Vialpando

Situation: Sweet is upset with Kendl's relationship on racial grounds as she is in love with a Mexican-American Varrios Los Aztecas gang leader Cesar Vialpando. Immediately as she leaves, Sweet sends Carl to follow her, and Carl ends up at a lowrider meeting after acquiring a Savanna from one of Sweet's contacts in Willowfield. Now, he must prove a point to Kendl and her love and his boys.

Task: Win the Lowrider Challenge.

Amount of money bet at the challenge High Stakes, Low Rider

Lowrider Challenge
Loco Low Co.

Doberman (if Burning Desire has been completed)

Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris

Name Objective Reward Unlock

OG Loc

Situation: Carl, Sweet and Smoke get together to pick up part-time Grove Street Families affiliate and aspiring rapper Jeffrey "OG Loc" Cross from the Los Santos Police Headquarters at Pershing Square in Commerce. From there, Loc informs them that he needs to kill a prison inmate fellow, Freddy, who raped him, and that he is to join the Burger Shot at Verona Beach.

Task: Pick up Loc from the Los Santos Police Department headquarters at Pershing Square. Kill Freddy and drive Loc to the employees' door at the back of the Burger Shot.

Respect Running Dog
Life's a Beach

Running Dog

Situation: Carl visits Smoke's house where he briefly sees Tenpenny and Pulaski exiting the house and learns from Smoke that the latter's cousin has hit town, and he must pick her up. They drive to a meet in East Los Santos, where an argument with the Los Santos Vagos leads to Smoke killing one of them, Jose, as the other starts running.

Task: Chase and kill the escaping Los Santos Vagos gang member.

Respect Wrong Side of the Tracks

Wrong Side of the Tracks

Situation: Carl meets Smoke again while sighting Tenpenny and Pulaski this time in detail. After they leave with a warning for him, Carl talks to Smoke and they drive down to Unity Station, where they give chase to the Los Santos Vagos.

Task: Kill four Vagos gang members on a train before they escape.

Respect Just Business

Just Business

Situation: Carl visits Smoke and they drive to an Atrium in Downtown Los Santos. However, they are both attacked by the Russian Mafia, and must escape.

Task: Escape and kill the attacking Russian Mafia.

Respect Reuniting the Families (if Gray Imports, House Party, High Stakes, Low Rider, Los Sepulcros and Robbing Uncle Sam have been completed)

Lance "Ryder" Wilson

Name Objective Reward Unlock

Home Invasion

Situation: Carl visits Ryder to find him digging holes in his backyard. Ryder then points him out to a Vietnamese war veteran who has the ammunition they need, but the whole point of the exercise is to steal the guns and take them to safety before daylight.

Task: Burglarize Colonel Fuhrberger's house for weapons and take the truck to the lockup in Willowfield.

Respect Catalyst


Situation: The menacing C.R.A.S.H. has tipped off Carl and Ryder about a loaded weapons train. Ryder is in no mood to let it slip from his hands.

Task: Intercept the army munitions train and throw the crates to Ryder. Lose the heat and drive back to Ryder's house.

Respect Robbing Uncle Sam

Robbing Uncle Sam

Situation: Carl finds Ryder lazing in his backyard. They relish some childhood memories which lead Ryder to think he is intelligent, and he points out that the Army has many weapons.

Task: Raid the National Guard Depot for weapon crates using a forklift. Outrun the Guardsmen pursuing in Patriots and drive to Emmet's place in Willowfield.

Respect Reuniting the Families (if Gray Imports, House Party, High Stakes, Low Rider, Just Business and Los Sepulcros have been completed)

Cesar Vialpando

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks

High Stakes, Low Rider

Situation: Carl visits Cesar's house in El Corona from where he takes him to a lowrider meet which is about a race.

Task: Win the lowrider race.

$1000 Reuniting the Families (if Gray Imports, House Party, Just Business, Los Sepulcros and Robbing Uncle Sam have been completed)

Jeffrey "OG Loc" Cross

Name Objectives Reward Unlock

Life's a Beach

Situation: Carl visits Loc at the Burger Shot in Verona Beach and learns that Loc wishes to make a great party happen. The first step is to steal a sound system cruising through Los Santos outskirts and safe-store it.

Task: Steal a sound system in a Pony from Santa Maria Beach.

Respect Madd Dogg's Rhymes

Dancing minigame and dance clubs across San Andreas


Madd Dogg's Rhymes

Situation: Carl pays a visit to Loc and realizes that he does have the sounds but not any words. Loc seeks to steal celebrity gangsta rapper Madd Dogg's rhyme book from his house in the hilly Vinewood, Mulholland.

Task: Break into Madd Dogg's mansion and steal his rhyme book using a knife, stealth, and silenced pistol.

Respect Management Issues
Burning Desire

Management Issues

Situation: Despite both word and sound, Loc has nobody to manage him. Madd Dogg's manager, Alan "Scipio" Crawford has refused to support Loc and is instead badmouthing about him. Loc wants to get him out of the way for good.

Task: Steal a car from one of Scipio's drivers, pick him and his escort up from an award function at the Cathay Theatre, and kill them by driving them into the ocean.

Respect House Party

House Party

Situation: Loc has left his job but wants to host a big party before returning to prison. The time has finally come, and Carl reaches the party, and meets Ryder. However, a Ballas posse attacks Grove Street, but Sweet and the others are quick to round up.

Task: Defend Grove Street from an invading assault force of Ballas.

Respect Reuniting the Families (if Gray Imports, High Stakes, Low Rider, Just Business, Los Sepulcros and Robbing Uncle Sam have been completed)

Frank Tenpenny

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks

Burning Desire

Situation: Carl visits Tenpenny and Pulaski and is given the task of eliminating a crooked Vagos gang member who has been troubling them. After he succeeds in torching the Vago member's house, he discovers and rescues an innocent girl who has been trapped inside the burning house.

Task: Burn the Vago member's gang house and rescue the girl from the burning building and drive her to safety.

None Gray Imports

Doberman (if Cesar Vialpando has been completed)

Denise Robinson as a girlfriend


Gray Imports

Situation: Carl is tipped off by Tenpenny about an arms deal between the Ballas and the Russians.

Task: Raid the warehouse in Ocean Docks where the Ballas and the Russians are making a deal.

None Reuniting the Families (if House Party, High Stakes, Low Rider, Just Business, Los Sepulcros and Robbing Uncle Sam have been completed)


Name Objectives Reward Unlocks


Situation: Sweet is enraged upon learning that a former Grove Street Families member has started buying hard drugs from the Ballas in Glen Park, and decides that he needs to be taught a lesson by being killed.

Task: Take over Glen Park and kill Little Weasel.

Respect Los Sepulcros

Gang Warfare


Los Sepulcros

Situation: Little Weasel is being buried. Sweet wants to ensure that like the attack on the four leading Families members after Beverly's funeral, the Ballas must learn a lesson, and with Front Yard Ballas leader Kane attending the funeral, it seems Sweet has the right chords to hit with the right notes at the right time.

Task: Ambush Kane while he is attending Little Weasel's funeral with other Ballas. Escape with Sweet back home.

Respect Reuniting the Families (if Gray Imports, House Party, High Stakes, Low Rider, Just Business and Robbing Uncle Sam have been completed)

Reuniting the Families

Situation: Efforts by Carl and Sweet have upscaled the Grove Street Families and unsettled the Ballas. Now is the time to reunite the three feuding family sets, and thus, the four Families friends join the other sets at the Jefferson Motel, but the meeting is attacked by the S.W.A.T. team. Carl rushes to rescue Sweet, and Smoke and Ryder flee the scene, only to return later for help to escape from the police.

Task: Go to the Jefferson Motel. Rescue Sweet from the S.W.A.T. team raid, and flee with Smoke and Ryder using an AK-47 while shooting the police in pursuit.

Respect The Green Sabre

The Green Sabre

Situation: Sweet is planning to attack the Ballas, and everyone along with Carl swings in, but Carl later receives a call from Cesar, who informs him of something weird. But the moment he goes there, Carl finds that Smoke, and a rather unnoticed Ryder, are in alliance with Tenpenny and the Ballas, and were responsible for Beverly's death, having conferred around the infamous Green Sabre which killed Beverly in the hot drive-by. Suddenly, he realizes that Sweet was lured, and rushes to his aid.

Task: Go to the underpass where Cesar awaits to show you the despised Green Sabre responsible for your mother's death. Rescue Sweet at the Mulholland Intersection and hold off the Ballas until the police arrive.

None Badlands

Angel Pine Save Point

Access to Flint County, Whetstone and San Fierro

Safehouses in Red County and Flint County

Countryside/Badlands missions

Carl has returned home to something much larger than personal matters. Smoke's betrayal and his alliance with the biggest threats to the Grove Street Families has been exposed to Carl's knowledge. Tenpenny has to tend to a few loose ends while Carl is trying to re-establish himself by taking care of those little loose ends upon being exiled away from Sweet, who is in a prison hospital, awaiting trial for the felonies he has been framed for.

There are 14 missions dedicated for the Countryside. These missions consist of minor objectives which will take you around Red County and Flint County.

Frank Tenpenny

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks


Situation: Although he is able to save a grievously injured Sweet, who is now incarcerated, Carl is kidnapped by Tenpenny and Pulaski, who dump him in the countryside with orders to kill an FBI witness, and threaten him against even a thought of getting back at Smoke, who defected to the Ballas and has begun heading up a vicious drug trade for money and power. Finally, he is stranded with only a camera, which is given to him to collect proof of the witness being silenced to death.

Task: Kill a witness for Frank Tenpenny and bring back proof of his death.

None First Date

Anonymous Identifier mission

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks

First Date

Situation: Carl has been informed by Cesar that the latter has a cousin over in Red County, who could help make money. He visits a diner, The Welcome Pump, in Dillimore, and meets Catalina, Cesar's cousin. Both of them introduce themselves to each other and she offers him a place from four to target.

Task: Choose from one of the four places to rob around Red County.

None Tanker Commander
Against All Odds
Local Liquor Store
Small Town Bank

The Truth

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks

Body Harvest

Situation: Carl meets a pot-growing, aging hippie, The Truth, who knows him through Tenpenny. He needs some help with a combine harvester from a ranch belonging to countryside survivalists.

Task: Steal a combine harvester from The Farm. Take it to The Truth's farm.

Respect King in Exile

Cesar Vialpando

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks

King in Exile

Meet Cesar and Kendl at Angel Pine to learn about the problems in Los Santos and convince the duo to keep mum until there's some intelligence input on the drug trade. None First Base

Drug and Cash Courier side-missions


Name Objectives Reward Unlocks

First Base

Situation: Carl reaches Catalina's hideout in Fern Ridge and she, in turn, confesses her love for him.

Task: Choose a place to rob.

None 1. Against All Odds
Local Liquor Store
Small Town Bank

2. Tanker Commander
Against All Odds
Local Liquor Store

3. Tanker Commander
Against All Odds
Small Town Bank

4. Tanker Commander
Local Liquor Store
Small Town Bank


Gone Courting

Situation: Carl reaches the hideout again, but this time, Catalina exhibits BDSM in front of him. He insists on going out.

Task: Choose another place to rob.

None 1. Against All Odds
Local Liquor Store

2. Against All Odds
Small Town Bank

3. Local Liquor Store
Small Town Bank

4. Tanker Commander
Small Town Bank

5. Tanker Commander
Local Liquor Store

6. Tanker Commander
Against All Odds


Made in Heaven

Situation: Catalina is in a real bad mood and asks Carl to not trouble her anyway. She decides to call it quits between the two of them.

Task: Choose the remaining place to rob.

None 1. Against All Odds

2. Local Liquor Store

3. Small Town Bank

4. Tanker Commander


Name Objectives Reward Unlocks

Tanker Commander

Situation: Catalina fails to hold up the cashier and manager of a Gasso filling station in Dillimore. She instead decides that the only way to rob is a premium petrol rig nearby.

Task: Hijack a Tanker and connect it to the tanker-trailer. Take the tanker truck to Mr. Whittaker at his RS Haul depot in Flint Range without detaching the trailer or losing health from the tanker.

$5000 1. Body Harvest

2. Gone Courting and Wu Zi Mu

3. Made in Heaven

4. Farewell, My Love... (if Wu Zi Mu has been completed)


Against All Odds

Situation: Catalina is planning to rob a betting shop. She also has satchel charges for the same, which surprises Carl. They flee from the police to lose the heat after robbing the safe.

Task: Rob the Inside Track betting shop in Montgomery.

$2000 1. Body Harvest

2. Gone Courting and Wu Zi Mu

3. Made in Heaven

4. Farewell, My Love... (if Wu Zi Mu has been completed)


Local Liquor Store

Situation: Catalina is eyeing a liquor store to rob when four rural thieves steal briefcases of money and try to run away. Catalina kills one of them and hops on his Quad bike along with Carl to chase down the other three and retrieve their briefcases.

Task: Chase the three yokels to retrieve the loot from the Blueberry Liquor Store robbery.

$1000 1. Body Harvest

2. Gone Courting and Wu Zi Mu

3. Made in Heaven

4. Farewell, My Love... (if Wu Zi Mu has been completed)


Small Town Bank

Situation: Catalina and Carl decide to rob the Palomino Creek Bank, holding everyone hostage, but police authorities are alerted and try to corner them while they try to escape.

Task: Rob the Palomino Creek Bank and escape with Catalina back to the hideout.

$10,000 1. Body Harvest

2. Gone Courting and Wu Zi Mu

3. Made in Heaven

4. Farewell, My Love... (if Wu Zi Mu has been completed)

Cesar Vialpando

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks

Wu Zi Mu

Situation: Carl meets Cesar, who has called him to a street race in the countryside. There, they meet blind Chinese-American San Fierro Triads leader Wu Zi "Woozie" Mu. Carl wins the race and Woozie proposes a business relationship to which Carl agrees with delight.

Task: Beat Wu Zi Mu in a race around Red County.

$5,000 Farewell, My Love... (if the last robbery mission has been completed)

Farewell, My Love...

Situation: Catalina is fed up of Carl and has instead gotten along with a new boyfriend, Claude. Carl claims he can take rejection and the ex-couple decides to have a breakup race so Catalina can prove her point. But she instead ends up losing, and gives him a deed to a garage in San Fierro.

Task: Beat Catalina and Claude in a race.

None Are You Going to San Fierro?

The Truth

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks

Are You Going to San Fierro?

Situation: Carl now has the money The Truth wanted, but Tenpenny has tipped off the police to call in a raid on his farm. They must now destroy the entire weed farm and escape from the police.

Task: Burn The Truth's crops and smoke out the chopper. Head to the garage Carl won in San Fierro, via The Mothership.

Respect Wear Flowers in Your Hair

5-star wanted level

Safehouses in San Fierro
Doherty Garage save point

Zip outlets across the three cities

San Fierro missions

Things are starting to settle since Carl was banished. He now owns a dilapidated garage and has a close circle of allies to assist him in his recovery. San Fierro offers a variety of missions to help Carl become even stronger in his quest to return to Los Santos.

There are 26 story missions in San Fierro, completion of which will unlock the entire map of San Andreas.

Carl Johnson

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks

Wear Flowers in Your Hair

Situation: Carl is infuriated that he got this run-down, old Xoomer gas station as a garage. However, Cesar and Kendl calm him down, promising to help him convert the garage into a successful vehicle chop-shop. Luck has it that help comes from the most unlikely source - The Truth, who knows a few people capable of assisting Carl and Cesar.

Task: Recruit The Truth's friends, Jethro, Dwayne and Zero to help for the garage.

None 555 We Tip

Zero RC on sale

Air Raid (if Zero RC has been purchased)


555 We Tip

Situation: Carl receives a call from Tenpenny, who had relayed in his previous visit to The Truth's motel in Angel Pine that a district attorney is out to cause him and Pulaski problems, and he has a deal with The Truth to prepare some weed for setting him up. Carl initially hesitates, but agrees soon.

Task: Go to Vank Hoff Hotel and set up the D.A. by planting weed in his car's trunk.

Valet Uniform Deconstruction

Valet missions



Situation: Some construction workers are calling Kendl names. Carl decides to avenge these insults and kill the workers.

Task: Destroy the portables on construction site behind your garage with Bulldozer and bury the foreman in cement for calling Kendl a hooker.

None Photo Opportunity

Driving School
Boat School
Bike School


Name Objectives Reward Unlocks

Air Raid

Situation: Carl visits Zero at his RC shop, where he learns that Zero is reeling from the constant stalking behaviour his arch-nemesis Berkley has been exhibiting for long. Suddenly, Carl and Zero find that Berkley has attacked Zero's base, and they must protect it.

Task: Defend Zero's transmitters from RC Barons using the zing of a minigun.

$3000 Supply Lines...

Supply Lines...

Situation: Carl finds that Zero has been insulted and has hung himself on a hook of a cupboard to contemplate his "inadequacy". He pulls Zero out of the cupboard and helps Zero destroy Berkley's mail order department.

Task: Use RC Baron to kill all five of Berkley's couriers and land back on Zero's roof.

$5000 New Model Army

Beefy Baron

New Model Army

Situation: Carl is lastly embroiled in the final face-off between Zero and Berkley. He must force Berkley to leave San Fierro for good.

Task: Control the RC Goblin and help Zero's RC Bandit defeat Berkley in RC BattleGround.

$7000 Zero RC as an asset

Loco Syndicate

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks

Photo Opportunity

Situation: Carl has been tipped off by Cesar about a Ballas rep convening at the Cluckin' Bell park-thru in Angel Pine, with the dealers.

Task: Go meet Cesar at The Panopticon. Go to Angel Pine and photograph the dealers and buyers involved in the Los Santos drug trade.

Respect Jizzy


Part I: Meet Cesar and Woozie at the garage to identify the members of the Loco Syndicate, and proceed to meet syndicate concierge Jizzy B., the biggest pimp in town.
Part II: Do errands for Jizzy.
Respect and $3000 T-Bone Mendez
Mountain Cloud Boys

T-Bone Mendez

Situation: Carl visits Jizzy and meets syndicate muscle-man "T-Bone" Mendez, leader of the San Fierro Rifa. Exactly at that moment, Mendez receives word that a shipment has been ambushed from below the Garver Bridge.

Task: Retrieve the stolen drug packages from three to four FCR-900 riders.

Mike Toreno

Mike Toreno

Situation: Mendez is convinced that someone's onto all of them. A guy named "Mike" calls up Mendez. This certain "Mike" is trapped, and Mendez needs Carl's help. Actually, when he finds out "Mike", it turns out to be syndicate leader de mysterio Michael "Mike" Toreno, who was kidnapped by the Da Nang Boys. Carl and Mendez rescue Toreno.

Task: Locate and rescue Mike Toreno. Escort Mendez and Toreno back to The Pleasure Domes Club while escaping police attention.



Situation: Jizzy calls Carl and tells him that his friends need some help. Carl goes to a Washington at the Easter Basin Xoomer gas station. There, Mendez confronts Carl about his allegiance, and tells him that he must be careful in the drug business. Toreno has him drive to a shipment van's location. Once there, Carl realizes that he is to protect a Rumpo full of cocaine from the Da Nang Boys, for the Rumpo to reach the syndicate's drug factory.

Task: Clear the roadblocks for the yay shipment van.

$9000 Snail Trail

Wu Zi Mu

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks

Mountain Cloud Boys

Situation: Woozie has called Carl over to explain some matters of important business to him. Apparently, the Triads have been under constant threat from the Da Nang Boys, and a meeting with the Blood Feather Triad is ruined when its members are killed. Suddenly, Carl and Woozie find themselves cornered by the Da Nang Boys, and must escape.

Task: Take Woozie to the meeting
Defend Woozie from the attacking Da Nang Boys.

Ran Fa Li

Ran Fa Li

Situation: Carl visits Woozie to find that Woozie has a superior affiliate, Ran Fa "Farlie" Li, who only communicates through grunts that are translated by his formal man for the job, Su Xi "Suzi" Mu. Suzi reveals Farlie has a package stuck at the airport to be retrieved, and Carl insists on doing it to distract the Da Nang Boys who later attempt an ambush.

Task: Retrieve the car for Farlie from the airport and return to the warehouse.



Situation: Farlie, Suzi and Woozie are being watched over constantly by the Da Nang Boys. Carl suggests leading them away so that while he poses as a decoy, Woozie is able to escort Farlie and Suzi to safety.

Task: Use the decoy Rancher to lure the Da Nang Boys out to Angel Pine and give them a chase.

Amphibious Assault (if the player has acquired minimum 40% lung capacity)

Amphibious Assault

Situation: Woozie has taken a whiff of the arrival of the leaders of the Da Nang Boys, but for that, he must make an invisible eavesdrop. Since his blindness blocks him completely from the ability to swim up to a freighter ship containing the Vietnamese gangsters, he wants Carl to do the job.

Task: Swim to the freighter ship and plant a bug.

The Da Nang Thang

The Da Nang Thang

Situation: Woozie finally knows that the Da Nang Boys are arriving on a container ship, but he has some business to take care of. Carl arrives in the nick of time, which is when he learns of Woozie's intentions, and plans to help him out. Now, Carl must get rid of the Vietnamese gangster leaders and rescue some of their prisoners who have wrongly been held hostage.

Task: Rescue the refugees aboard the ship and kill The Snakehead.

Yay Ka-Boom-Boom (if Toreno's Last Flight has been completed)

A map unlock :- It is possible to unlock the desert and semi-arid areas beyond the town before swimming over to the freighter. Furthermore, with extreme precaution, it is also possible to pick up all collectibles within the state, which will reward the player with huge amounts of money and access to spawn weapons with multiple rounds of ammo at the Doherty Garage in San Fierro (Grenades {2x}, Pump Action Shotgun {6x}, Sniper Rifle {6x} and Micro SMG {2x}) and The Four Dragons Casino in Las Venturas (Satchel Charges {2x}, Combat Shotgun {2x}, SMG {2x} and M16 {2x}).

Edward "Eddie" Pulaski

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks

Snail Trail

Situation: A reporter and his target informer have been digging up dirt on Pulaski. Tenpenny wants Carl to ensure that they are silenced.

Task: Follow the reporter to Los Santos without spooking him, and assassinate both the reporter and the target informer on the Santa Maria Pier at Yacht Harbor.

None Ice Cold Killa

Loco Syndicate

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks

Ice Cold Killa

Situation: Carl has been tipped off by Woozie about Jizzy being in possession of information regarding the next meeting between the Ballas and the Loco Syndicate, which he intends to ambush.

Task: Visit the Pleasure Domes Club to finish off Jizzy.

Pier 69

Pier 69

Situation: Carl has come to know that the much awaited meeting between the Ballas and the Loco Syndicate is taking place at Pier 69 in Esplanade North. However, help from a few Mountain Cloud Boys sent by Woozie to assist Carl and Cesar has certainly landed the duo in trouble after Toreno aborts his landing via a helicopter and alerts Mendez and Ryder, who had already convened then.

Task: Kill all the Rifa guards using the sniper rifle, attack the rest and the Ballas on foot and assassinate Mendez and former friend Ryder.

Toreno's Last Flight

A map unlock :- It is possible to unlock the desert and semi-arid areas beyond the town before the sniper shootout on the roof. Furthermore, with extreme precaution, it is also possible to pick up all collectibles across the state, which will reward the player with huge amounts of money and access to spawn weapons with multiple rounds of ammo at the Doherty Garage in San Fierro (Grenades {2x}, Pump Action Shotgun {6x}, Sniper Rifle {6x} and Micro SMG {2x}) and The Four Dragons Casino in Las Venturas (Satchel Charges {2x}, Combat Shotgun {2x}, SMG {2x} and M16 {2x}).

Toreno's Last Flight

Situation: One of Woozie's henchmen has tracked down Toreno to a helipad in Downtown San Fierro. Carl decides to smoke him out.

Task: Destroy the chopper containing Toreno to kill him.

$18,000 Yay Ka-Boom-Boom (if The Da Nang Thang has been completed)

Yay Ka-Boom-Boom

Situation: All that remains now for the Loco Syndicate to be completely eradicated from the state of San Andreas is to turn the cartel's yay factory in Doherty to ruins. Woozie's man has set up a wired car for Carl to do the same.

Task: Get the wired car from a bomb-shop in Downtown San Fierro. Detonate the car inside the yay factory in Doherty and escape back to the garage.


Wang Cars showroom for sale (after completing Driving School)

Zeroing In (if Back to School has been completed)

Tierra Robada, Bone County and Las Venturas access

Tierra Robada Ranch Save Point

Safehouses in El Quebrados, Tierra Robada and Fort Carson, Bone County

Wang Cars

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks

Back to School

Complete the Driving School Driving Skill

Vehicles spawning in front of the school depending on the medals you won

Wang Cars showroom for sale (if Yay Ka-Boom-Boom has been completed)

Zeroing In (if the Wang Cars showroom has been purchased)


Zeroing In

Situation: Zero has finally achieved success with his latest electronic technology that allows the trackers to trace targets through cellphone signals. Carl has his eyes with the piece of technology set on a female driver who is driving a Uranus that Zero was chasing all along.

Task: Follow and steal the Uranus through the P.I.T. maneuver lesson learnt in the Driving School


Uranus in the showroom

Test Drive

Wheel Arch Angels

Test Drive

Situation: Cesar has located two cars on a customer's wishlist he and Jethro had prepared. Carl must help him steal those cars from the Otto's Autos showroom across town in Esplanade North, all the while giving chase to the police on the way back to the garage.

Task: Steal the two cars from Otto's Autos and take them back to the garage without losing Cesar or damaging the car too much, while being chased by the police.


Elegy and Sultan in the showroom

Customs Fast Track

Customs Fast Track

Situation: One of Cesar's contacts has landed him information about a car on the wishlist which are being delivered to the container ship at the Easter Basin docks. There's a day's time for him and Carl to find that car.

Task: Retrieve the target car from the container ship in the Easter Basin docks using a crane.


Savanna in the showroom

Puncture Wounds

Exports and Imports

Puncture Wounds

Situation: Cesar can't bear it anymore because a female driver has been giving him a hell of a time with a target car she's driving around. Carl, however, has got an idea.

Task: Burst the tires of the target car using 3 stingers modded in a Tampa.


Stratum in the showroom

Wang Cars showroom as an asset

Desert missions

Carl has been contacted by a strange unknown caller who seems to know about Sweet, and has invited him to a ranch in the desert. After passing a time trial, he realizes on his next visit to the ranch that the unknown caller is actually Toreno, who has verily turned out alive. Revealing himself to be an undercover government agent, Toreno promises to Carl that he can have Sweet freed from prison if Carl works for him. A series of missions follows, and sometime later, when Toreno disappears, The Truth, who reveals his knowledge of Toreno to Carl, seeks his help with a few conspicuous matters, leaving him alone from thereon.

There are 9 story missions in the Desert.

Anonymous Identifier mission

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks


Situation: Carl has just been contacted by someone who mysteriously happens to know about Sweet. But before Carl can extract information, he is asked by the caller, as he arrives at a ranch in Tierra Robada, to prove his worth in a time trial with a monster truck in the garage.

Task: Use a monster truck to get through the checkpoints around Tierra Robada before 6:30.

1st: $5000
2nd: $4000
3rd: $3000
4th: $2000
5th: $1000


Situation: Carl visits the ranch again after a probe call by the unknown stranger, but upon reaching there, he is shocked to find Toreno, who, it turns out, is very much alive. Explaining his real identity as an undercover government agent spying on criminal operations, Toreno promises to have Sweet freed from prison in exchange for certain jobs he deems Carl capable of carrying out, the first of which is to commandeer a rig. Since this certainly is a two-man job, Toreno has used Carl's identity to call for Cesar, but warns Carl against spilling the beans to Cesar, before walking away.

Task: Jack a Tanker truck on the highway with Cesar.

$7000 Interdiction

Mike Toreno

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks


Situation: Being called again to the ranch after the last meeting, Carl, this time around, hastily approaches Toreno and threatens to kill him when Toreno relays information about Sweet's current state in prison and the story of an Internal Affairs case concerning Tenpenny and Pulaski, which convinces Carl of Toreno's identity. Knowing that this is all true, Carl agrees to help Toreno after being assured that nothing will happen to Sweet, and the first of these more open tasks is to collect the contraband from a Leviathan.

Task: Protect Toreno's allied helicopter from enemy choppers in Arco del Oeste, retrieve the package, then deliver it to Las Brujas.

$1000 Verdant Mission

Verdant Meadows

Situation: From his last gig, Carl has some indirect trouble - he has contracts out on him, which won't really bother. But for now, Toreno wants Carl to do some "real wet" work for him. Apparently, step one in this "real wet" work involves buying him some property.

Task: Buy the Verdant Meadows Airstrip for $80,000.

Save point at the Verdant Meadows Aircraft Graveyard Learning to Fly

Race tournament access (after a call from Jethro in the middle of the mission)

Verdant Meadows Airstrip

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks

Learning to Fly

Situation: Carl is somewhat taken aback with the limitations of his new base of operations for Toreno, but the latter is least interested, and wants the former to learn how to fly, if Sweet's release is to turn from dream to reality.

Task: Finish the Flying School lessons.

Flying Skill

Planes parked on the airstrip depending on the medals you won

Fender Ketchup

6-star wanted level

The Four Dragons Casino Save Point

Victim outlets across the three cities

Safehouses in Las Venturas

Aircrafts across the three major airports



Situation: Friends and colleagues in Toreno's company from his agency are in need of dire help, straight to the fall. There's a parcel for them to be delivered to Angel Pine, but Toreno is being watched. Now that Carl has learnt to fly, who better? But the challenge is, he must stay real faced under the radar, because he just ain't ready yet.

Task: Deliver the package to Angel Pine using a Rustler through a Nap-of-the-Earth low-altitude flight.

$15,000 Stowaway


Situation: An enormous Andromada and 3 Bobcats are on the strip. Carl thinks it's about Toreno's business, but Toreno sneaks up and says they are traitors from a rival agency, trying to find militaristic dictators in exchange for arms contracts. Carl has clearance from Toreno's boss to kill those agents, who are loading up explosives on the plane.

Task: Use a bike to catch and board the Andromada cargo and plant a satchel charge aboard it. Use a stolen parachute from one of the agents and escape from the back of the plane.

$20,000 Black Project

Black Project

Situation: Carl has a surprise visitor, The Truth, who reveals himself after Carl can't find Toreno. The Truth knows about Toreno, and won't digest what Carl is doing for him. But to help Carl redeem himself, The Truth has personal interests that Carl must tend to, and there's something to be stolen from beneath a facility that Carl won't dare to enter, because it's nowhere on the map.

Task: Break into Area 69 and steal a $60,000,000 Jetpack from the basement of an underground lab in the base. Deliver it to The Truth.

None Green Goo

Misappropriation (if Intensive Care has been completed)

Spawn jetpack within the Area 69 underground launch base


Green Goo

Situation: Despite getting his favourite gizmo, The Truth can't use it. And thus, he wants Carl to use the jetpack to fly and land on a train and steal an all-important vial of a blob-slime of unknown origin, guarded closely by the army.

Task: Use the newly-acquired jetpack to steal the jar of green goo from the military train.

$20,000 Saint Mark's Bistro (if High Noon and Madd Dogg have been completed)

Verdant Meadows Airstrip as an asset

Spawn jetpack at the airstrip

Las Venturas missions

Carl has regained much of his former status, maybe even improved it. He now owns assets in several businesses in San Fierro and has also been proposed a partnership in Woozie's new venture, The Four Dragons Casino. Carl manages to survive the powerful competition of the Venturas mob families and asserts his gains towards reducing their threat, by covertly planning an elaborate heist on the mob casino. Later, his actions, thus, earn him a share in the casino's profits.

Even while all this is going on, Carl also has to deal with the agitated Tenpenny and Pulaski, when he nearly survives a death call, and ends up killing Pulaski after Tenpenny kills Hernandez upon learning of his betrayal and leaves with evidence of his criminal activities. Eventually, he also saves disgraced rapper Madd Dogg, whose career he had ruined in the first place, from suicide, out of guilt. From the moment the rapper returns to appoint Carl as a manager while he watches lame acts and auditions, to procure his mansion which he gambled away, it appears that the right time has arrived for Carl to settle old scores with Smoke and Tenpenny ahead of Sweet's release.

There are 19 story missions in Las Venturas.

The Four Dragons Casino

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks

Fender Ketchup

Situation: Carl has been invited by Woozie to Las Venturas for witnessing his new venture, The Four Dragons Casino, in which he also offers Carl a profit sharing stake and partnership. While all this is going on, Woozie's assistant informs the two of a thug who had been caught smashing some of the group's slot machines. Carl decides to handle the matter by himself in the course of a scarekill.

Task: Scare Johnny Sindacco and take him back to the casino.

Explosive Situation

Explosive Situation

Situation: Carl informs Woozie that the Sindacco family was behind the sabotage. They both have plans to damage the mafia casino through an elaborate heist. And to begin with, there's something they will need to blow up shit.

Task: Steal four sticks of dynamite from the Hunter Quarry and avoid security while escaping.

You've Had Your Chips
Architectural Espionage

Quarry Mission


You've Had Your Chips

Situation: Woozie is enraged over some fake plastic coins in the casino's deposits as he realizes they are being made by the Sindacco thugs. Carl assures him that he will take care of it, and ambushes the plastics factory.

Task: Get to the factory where Sindacco make fake coins and destroy their machines.

Don Peyote

Don Peyote

Situation: Carl has received an unexpected phone call from The Truth outside the casino. Some of the hippie's friends are stranded in the desert, lost, and need help. Carl decides to find and rescue them.

Task: Find and rescue Kent Paul and Maccer from the desert. Take them to the Caligula's Palace casino.

Respect Intensive Care


Name Objectives Reward Unlocks

Architectural Espionage

Situation: The first formal step to be taken in the great grand robbery of Caligula's Palace is to prepare a plan, for which a layout to the casino is an absolute must.

Task: Go to the Las Venturas City Planning Department and photograph Caligula's Palace blueprint using a camera stolen from a tourist at The Strip.

Respect Key to Her Heart

Key to Her Heart

Situation: Carl now has the layout, and as he explains to Woozie, the latter's assistant drops in with a parcel for the former, only for Woozie to appoint him as the first recruit on the crew. Carl finds that the parcel is an electronic card reader from Zero, who might just join in soon. Now, the crew must get a card, and Carl has his eyes set right - on a potential croupier who has access to the casino doors and knows the keycode.

Task: Follow Caligula's Palace casino croupier Millie Perkins without spooking or losing her.


Millie Perkins as a girlfriend

Dam and Blast

Dam and Blast

Situation: Carl finds that Zero has joined the crew for Woozie, and the next step is to cut off the city's power source.

Task: Steal a Nevada from the airport to parachute onto the Sherman dam quay. Plant explosives in the generator hall of the Sherman Dam and escape to the exit.

Respect Cop Wheels

Cop Wheels

Situation: Zero raises an important question about the transportation of money from the casino, which puts Woozie's assistant to shed light by mentioning that police motorcycles are used as outriders. Carl plans to steal some motorcycles for this purpose.

Task: Steal four police bikes and load them onto the circling Packer for Woozie.

Respect Up, Up and Away!

Up, Up and Away!

Situation: Carl and Woozie seem to be out of options for finding an armored van to store the cash. Zero suggests using a skycrane helicopter used to lift heavy loads. Since nobody except Carl is a pilot, it looks like the best man himself is to do the job.

Task: Steal a Leviathan from the K.A.C.C. Military Depot Fuel Dump. Control its magnet winch to grab a Securicar from a car park in Rockshore East and deliver the Cargobob and the Securicar to the Verdant Meadows Airstrip.


Leviathan at Verdant Meadows

Breaking the Bank at Caligula's (if Saint Mark's Bistro has been completed and the keycard has been acquired)

Caligula's Casino

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks

Intensive Care

Situation: Paul and Maccer have led Carl to Caligula's Palace casino manager Ken "Rosie" Rosenberg, a disbarred former lawyer who now acts as a mediator between the three feuding mafia families. Rosie is in a terrible state, and the new trouble on him is that the Forellis are out to get Johnny, who Carl had previously scarekilled. Carl agrees to save Johnny from the Forellis, who have just picked him up from the hospital after he went into a state of shock.

Task: Rescue Johnny Sindacco from the Forelli Family and take him to the meat factory in Whitewood Estates.

The Meat Business

Misappropriation (if Black Project has been completed)


The Meat Business

Situation: Rosie is somewhat better than earlier. He now wants to visit Johnny, but Carl has his reservations from the scarekill. Johnny dies upon recognizing Carl, and the Sindaccos are in full swing against the duo.

Task: Take Rosie to the Sindacco Abattoir, witness Johnny's death and escape from the abattoir alive back to the casino while defending Rosie.

Madd Dogg
Fish in a Barrel

Frank Tenpenny

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks


Situation: Despite efforts to eliminate evidence, "the gig's nearly up". Frustrated, Tenpenny wants to have Carl do the needful, probably for one final time. A dossier with evidence against Tenpenny and Pulaski has been compiled and is soon to fall into the hands of a DEA officer.

Task: Retrieve the dossier from an FBI agent at Aldea Malvada.

None High Noon (if Freefall has been completed)

The Four Dragons Casino

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks

Fish in a Barrel

Meet Woozie at The Four Dragons Casino to sign an ownership deal with Woozie and Farlie. Partnership and profit shares in The Four Dragons Casino Freefall

Madd Dogg

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks

Madd Dogg

Situation: Someone's trying to commit suicide by jumping off the roof of Royal Casino. Carl learns from some bystanders that it is Madd Dogg, whose career had hit an all-time low. All his money has been gambled away by him. Realizing what he did for Loc, Carl finds guilt in ruining Madd Dogg's career, and decides to save him.

Task: Save Madd Dogg from falling to death, then take him to the Ivory Towers Drive-Thru Mental Clinic before he dies.

Respect Saint Mark's Bistro (if Green Goo and High Noon have been completed)

Caligula's Casino

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks


Situation: A phone call from a rather desperate Rosie makes it to Carl's knowledge that a new boss, don Salvatore Leone has taken over the palace. Carl has promised Rosie to get him, Paul and Maccer out of trouble. Finally, his life in Liberty City gets to see the light of the day, and puts him at an advantage with Salvatore, who, being Carl's former partner Joey Leone's father, wants him to eliminate a string quartet of Forellis.

Task: Get a Dodo from the Las Venturas International Airport, catch up with the plane full of Forelli hitmen, kill them after hijacking the plane and land the plane at the airport.

High Noon (if Misappropriation has been completed)

Frank Tenpenny

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks

High Noon

Situation: Carl meets with the C.R.A.S.H. team a last time. Pulaski collects the dossier from Carl, when Tenpenny suddenly knocks out Hernandez. Forcing Carl to dig his own grave under Pulaski's watchful eyes, Tenpenny leaves for Los Santos with the dossier. Carl tries to convince Pulaski against blindly supporting Tenpenny in his brutal and fatal cause, but Pulaski refuses, and Hernandez suddenly comes up alive and lunges at Pulaski, but is killed when he shoots him in the chest. Realizing that Hernandez saved his life, and that he has had enough of Pulaski's violence, Carl decides to chase him down to death.

Task: Kill Pulaski.

None Saint Mark's Bistro (if Green Goo and Madd Dogg have been completed)

Caligula's Casino

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks

Saint Mark's Bistro

Situation: Enough has been tolerated by Rosie, Paul and Maccer under Salvatore's reign. Carl must now save them and trick the don into thinking he won't be hearing from them again. Salvatore, on the other hand, wishes Carl could just kill the Forellis who attacked him.

Task: Take a flight to Liberty City and assassinate the Forelli gang members in Marco's Bistro.

A Home in the Hills

Breaking the Bank at Caligula's (if Up, Up and Away! has been completed and the keycard has been acquired)

Didier Sachs outlet in Rodeo, Los Santos


Name Objectives Reward Unlocks

Breaking the Bank at Caligula's

Rob the Caligula's Palace. $100,000
Croupier Uniform

The Four Dragons Casino

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks

A Home in the Hills

Situation: All is well for Carl, atleast until now, ever since he was exiled. Kendl has joined him recently, and Woozie, along with the two siblings, starts conducting talent hunt acts and auditions for The Four Dragons Casino, which is now doing well, courtesy the heist at Caligula's Palace. Finally, Madd Dogg returns to Carl, appointing him as his new manager. But there's a catch - the young rapper's mansion was taken over by Los Santos Vagos drug lord Big Poppa, and an agitated Carl wants to undo the mistakes Madd Dogg made when he lost his career. And now, with Smoke and Tenpenny fresh in his mind, it looks like the clock's struck twelve for Carl to return to Los Santos.

Task: Recover Madd Dogg's Crib from Big Poppa and run him off the road from his Phoenix.

Respect Vertical Bird

Madd Dogg's Crib Save Point

Los Santos missions

Another gig, and a concluding one, for Toreno, who shows up unannounced, is all it takes for Carl to finally get Sweet released from prison. But blinded by his success, Carl is unable to show signs of loyalty to the hood, and to prove a point, he helps Sweet reclaim Grove Street from the Ballas upon his parole, and they begin building up the Grove Street Families for a third time. However, apart from all this, Tenpenny, as foreseen, has been acquitted of all charges pressed against him, and the city erupts into a city-wide riot. Seeking to use this confusion to a good advantage, Carl and Sweet now have only one objective - to find out Smoke and Tenpenny by any and all means possible and necessary and punish them for their active hand in the fall of the Families and Beverly's death.

There are 8 story missions in Los Santos after the return.

Carl Johnson

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks

Vertical Bird

Situation: Rosie, Paul and Maccer had escaped from Salvatore recently during Carl's job for the don. Now, they have joined hands in helping Madd Dogg stand up again on his feet, so Paul becomes a record producer for him and Rosie becomes an accountant. However, during Madd Dogg's first recording session, audio output across the mansion is suddenly cut off, and Carl, who is in the studio, instead hears Toreno, who apparently has one last string for him. Carl expresses fatigue over it all, but Toreno is adamant. Carl then decides to tend to Toreno for a final time, and the man gives Carl his last job - to steal a military V.T.O.L. jet off an amphibious assault ship and use it to destroy an invisibly manned flotilla of rival agency boats.

Task: Steal a Hydra from the LHD-069 moored in the Easter Basin Naval Station and use it to destroy chasing Hydras and the spy ships in Tierra Robada. Land the Hydra at the Verdant Meadows Airtsrip.

$50,000 Home Coming

Hydra at Verdant Meadows, Area 69 and Easter Basin Naval Station

Spawn heavy weaponry with 2x ammunition at Toreno's Ranch


Home Coming

Situation: Carl is discussing business on phone, when Toreno shows up again without a warning. Startled, Carl loses his cool when Toreno claims he has one last thing to do after which he would be out of the rather poor sap's life, and pulls a gun on Toreno. However, just as the phone rings, with Toreno asking him to pick it up, Carl answers, and surprisingly, on the other side is Sweet, who has been released. Carl leaves when Toreno explains that this last thing was to "go pick up his brother".

Carl arrives and greets Sweet, but finds that Sweet is set on returning to the hood, while Carl doesn't want to because it's no more safe. However, Sweet eschews Carl for his ignorance towards the hood, and Carl decides to help Sweet make it back home.

Task: Pick up Sweet from the Los Santos Police Headquarters at Pershing Square in Commerce. Retake the Grove Street cul-de-sac from the Ballas.

Respect Cut Throat Business
Beat Down On B Dup

Cut Throat Business

Situation: Madd Dogg realizes that Loc stole his rhyme book. Carl feigns ignorance, but knowing Loc is an undeserving traitor, agrees to help Madd Dogg recover the rhyme book from Loc. The duo decides to chase him down to his shoot.

Task: Chase Loc to the Blastin' Fools Records head office using the Vortex and Kart.

Respect Riot (if Grove 4 Life has been completed)

Vortex and Kart spawn points across San Andreas


Name Objectives Reward Unlocks

Beat Down on B Dup

Situation: Sweet has lost faith in the hood after being imprisoned for long, but when a crack whore in the hood tries to stone Sweet, Carl intervenes in the nick of time to save his brother. Learning that defaulter Mark "B-Dup" Wayne has been responsible, Carl angrily storms out with Sweet to teach Dup, who has been living for long in Glen Park, a lesson.

Task: Retake Glen Park to locate Dup and Barry "Big Bear" Thorne.

Respect Grove 4 Life

Grove 4 Life

Situation: Carl thinks he has more important commitments, but Sweet is only thinking of the hood. Carl agrees to "have it" Sweet's "way". The plan right now is to reclaim the long lost territory of Idlewood from the Ballas.

Task: Retake atleast 2 of 4 hoods in Idlewood without letting Sweet die.

Riot (if Cut Throat Business has been completed)

Final missions

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks


Situation: Carl and all his wanderlust affiliates, sans Rosie and Paul, including The Truth, Maccer, Kendl, Cesar and Sweet are at Madd Dogg's crib mansion. Tenpenny and a missing Pulaski are finally on trial, but later in the day, Pulaski turns up dead, and Tenpenny walks free. Enraged with the decision, the entire city sparks into public outrage, triggering a riot. Sweet decides not to let Grove Street fall prey to the mess.

Task: Drive Sweet to Ganton and avoid the Los Santos Riots.

None Los Desperados

Los Desperados

Situation: Amidst the riots, Carl and Sweet have an argument. Cesar storms in, demanding help for reclaiming his hood. Carl initially relents out of fear from Sweet, but when Sweet himself agrees, Carl, seeing how much Cesar has helped them, agrees.

Task: Help Cesar and the Varrios Los Aztecas retake El Corona from the Los Santos Vagos.

Respect End of the Line (after taking over 35% of gang territories in Los Santos)

End of the Line

Situation: Smoke has been traced, and the time has now come for Carl and Sweet to finally avenge their mother's death.

Task: Kill Smoke for his treachery, rescue Sweet from the firetruck ladder, and eliminate Los Santos Vagos gangsters and Los Santos Police Department officers trying to save an escaping Tenpenny.

Game storyline completion

100% completion rewards, if applicable