Hawick Ave

Hawick Ave is a street in Los Santos, which appears in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. The avenue runs northwest to southeast through the West Vinewood, Burton, Hawick, and Alta neighbourhoods with connections to Alta Pl, Alta St, Eastbourne Way, Elgin Ave, Laguna Pl, Las Lagunas Blvd, Meteor St, Milton Rd, Power St, and San Vitus Blvd. The road is a continuation of Boulevard Del Perro in the northwest and Popular St in the southeast.



Business name Location Street Business type
24/7 Alta Alta St Convenience store
Acting Up Hawick Acting school
Airbrush Tanning Burton Las Lagunas Blvd Tanning salon
Al Dente's Burton Food and drink
Alphabetz Hawick Clothing
Les Biano Burton Las Lagunas Blvd Food and drink
Bite! Alta Alta St Food and drink
Bourgeois Bicycles Burton Bicycle sales
Brah Hawick Clothing
CaCa Burton Clothing
The Casting Couch Actress Agency Hawick Las Lagunas Blvd Agency
Ca$h Advance Loans Hawick Las Lagunas Blvd Agency
Cell Phones Sales and Repair Burton Mobile/Cell Phone
Cockatoos Burton Eastbourne Way Nightclub
Croq-A-Hoop Burton Clothing
Crucial Fix Coffee House Alta Power St Food and drink
Curbcrawler Skateboards Burton Skateboards
Del Perro Boulevard Gallery Burton Gallery
Dentistry Hawick Las Lagunas Blvd Healthcare
Discount Kitchen Supplies Burton Furniture
Dollar Pills Alta Alta St Pharmacy
Double Denim Burton Clothing
Echo Rock Alta Bank
Epsilon Society Hawick Cult
Filly Alta
The Fish Net Hawick Food and drink
FLEECA Burton Bank
FLEECA Alta Bank
Flickers Comics Hawick Comic store
Floor Skin West Vinewood Furniture
Fruit Machine Burton Food and drink
Fruit on the Vine Burton Food and drink
Fuds Hawick Las Lagunas Blvd Clothing
Gear and Clothing Hawick Alta St Clothing
Hair on Hawick Hawick Barbers
Harsh Souls Alta Clothing
Hawaiian Snow Alta Power St Clothing
Heat Hawick Alta Pl Clothing
High Time Alta Smoking
Hippy Feet Alta Clothing
Ink Inc. Hawick Tattoo parlor
Inspector Knickers Alta Clothing
J's Bonds West Vinewood Milton Rd Bail bonds
Know Wear Hawick Clothing
Kushy Farmacy Burton Las Lagunas Blvd Pharmacy
Lârss & Elbö Hawick Alta St Furniture
Lettuce Be Hawick Laguna Pl Food and drink
Liquor Hawick / Burton Las Lagunas Blvd Food and drink
Little Teapot Burton Milton Rd Food and drink
Los Santos Jeans Hawick Clothing
Mattress of Fact Hawick Furniture
Molar Flair Dentist Alta Alta St Healthcare
Mountebank Gallery Alta Power St Gallery
Oeuvre Gallery Alta / Hawick Power St Gallery
Period Rags Hawick Laguna Pl Clothing
Periscope Burton
Pikeys Burton Clothing
Pipe Dreams Hawick Alta St Smoking
The Pink Cage Motel Alta Meteor St Motel
Pirate Music Burton Eastbourne Way Music
Rametim Alta Clothing
Ranch Burton Clothing
Rimmers Burton Clothing
San Andreas Gallery of Modern Art Burton / West Vinewood San Vitus Blvd Gallery
Serenity Wellness West Vinewood Healthcare
Sneaky Footwear Burton Clothing
Sub Urban Alta Clothing
Swallow Burton Clothing
Talon Scout Nails Alta Alta St Nail salon
Tax Lawyers Burton Las Lagunas Blvd Lawyers
Thor Toys Burton Toy store
Trey Baker Hawick Food and drink
Twinkle Toes Hawick Las Lagunas Blvd Clothing
Twinkle Toes Hawick Clothing
Universal Uniform Burton Clothing
Vinewood Bar and Grill Burton San Vitus Blvd Food and drink
Vinewood Music Hawick Alta St Music
Vinewood Sports Hawick Clothing
Vinylism Hawick Music
Walk of Fame Alta Alta St Clothing
White Widow Alta Power St Clothing
Xhoti Alta Clothing
Yeti Burton Clothing