Power St

Power St is a north-south street in Los Santos, which appears in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. The street runs from Strawberry in the south to Downtown Vinewood in the north and travels through Pillbox Hill, Alta, and Hawick. There are connections to Adam's Apple Blvd, Alta St, Baytree Canyon Ave, Clinton Ave, Hawick Ave, Innocence Blvd, Integrity Way, Low Power St, Occupation Ave, San Andreas Ave, Spanish Ave, Vespucci Blvd and Vinewood Blvd. The street goes over the Del Perro Freeway and is controlled by The Families in Strawberry, with gangsters occasionally appearing in southern Pillbox Hill.

Events of HD Universe

The protagonist of GTA Online returns a number of repossessed vehicles to Premium Deluxe Motorsport, as do Franklin Clinton and Lamar Davis during the mission Franklin and Lamar. A window at the dealership is later destroyed by Franklin while being held at gunpoint by Michael De Santa during Complications, which later opens up a random encounter allowing the player to kill the dealerships owner Simeon Yetarian. Mrs. Thornhill and Nigel, after receiving help from Trevor Philips, later hold film star Al Di Napoli against his will in an unused building in an alleyway off Power St.

Franklin, Trevor and Michael De Santa, from the air, break into the IAA building to kidnap Ferdinand Kerimov from the IAA for the FIB. Michael and Franklin, with two accomplices, perform a terrorist attack on the FIB building on orders from corrupt FIB agents Steve Haines and Dave Norton. Michael, Franklin and Trevor, with help from Lester Crest and two other accomplices, later steal a large quantity of gold from the Union Depository.

Businesses and places

Name Location Street Type
1162 Power St Hawick Residential
Callisto Apartments Downtown Vinewood Residential
Chihuahua Hotdogs (closed) Pillbox Hill Food and drink
Clappers Downtown Vinewood Vinewood Blvd Food and drink
Digital Den Pillbox Hill Electronics
Downtown Liquor Deli Pillbox Hill Food and drink
F.T. Pawn Downtown Vinewood Clinton Ave Pawn shop
FIB Building Pillbox Hill Law enforcement
Flint Autos Strawberry Innocence Blvd Garage
Fred's Store Downtown Vinewood Vinewood Blvd Souvenirs
Gift Souvenir Downtown Vinewood Vinewood Blvd Souvenir
Happy Shark Bail Bonds Pillbox Hill Bail bonds
Hawaiian Snow Alta/Hawick Hawick Ave Clothing
Hookah Palace Pillbox Hill Vespucci Blvd Hotel
IAA Building Pillbox Hill Swiss St Law enforcement
Lombank Pillbox Hill Low Power St Bank
Los Santos City Hall Alta Occupation Ave Government
Los Santos Meteor Strawberry Newspaper
Los Santos Water and Power Downtown Vinewood Energy
Marrakesh Salon Pillbox Hill Beauty salon
Maze Bank Pillbox Hill Low Power St/Vespucci Blvd Bank
Mile High Club
(under construction)
Pillbox Hill Adam's Apple Blvd/Vespucci Blvd Club
Mountebank Gallery Alta Hawick Ave Gallery
Oeuvre Gallery Hawick Hawick Ave Gallery
Penris Pillbox Hill Integrity Way Healthcare
Porn Crackers Downtown Vinewood Adult
Premium Deluxe Motorsport Pillbox Hill Adam's Apple Blvd Auto dealership
Rimm Paint Strawberry Paint supplies
Tire Hutz Strawberry Innocence Blvd Garage
Tsunami Downtown Vinewood Vinewood Blvd Clothing
Union Depository Pillbox Hill San Andreas Ave Bank
Unnamed audio store Strawberry Electronics
Vapid Pillbox Hill Adam's Apple Ave Auto dealership
The Vinewood Garden Hotel Hawick Spanish Ave Hotel
Vinewood Mall Downtown Vinewood Vinewood Blvd Mall
Vinewood Plaza Hawick Spanish Ave Media
Vinewood Self Storage Strawberry Storage
Von Crastenburg Hotel Downtown Vinewood Vinewood Blvd Hotel
White Widow Alta Hawick Ave Clothing