Popular St

Popular St is a street running north (in East Vinewood) to south (in Cypress Flats) in Los Santos appearing in Grand Theft Auto Online and Grand Theft Auto Online. The street also runs through La Mesa, is a continuation of Hawick Ave and continues as Buccaneer Way when approaching Terminal. There are connections to Capital Blvd, Chum St, Dry Dock St, El Rancho Blvd, Elgin Ave, Glory Way, Innocence Blvd, the Los Santos Freeway, the Olympic Freeway, Supply St and Vespucci Blvd.

Businesses and places

Name Location Street Type
Ammu-Nation Cypress Flats Weapons
Auto Glass Body Shop La Mesa Garage
Big Goods La Mesa Supplier
Casey's Diner La Mesa Supply St Food and drink
Central Milling Company Cypress Flats Dry Dock St/Hanger Way Factory
Darnell Bros. La Mesa Vespucci Blvd Factory
Fridgit La Mesa Innocence Blvd Storage
La Mesa Police Station La Mesa Olympic Fwy Law enforcement
Liquor Market La Mesa Supply St Food and drink
Los Santos Bag Co. La Mesa Capital Blvd Clothing
Los Santos Customs La Mesa Garage
Los Santos Department of Water and Power Cypress Flats Capital Blvd/Chum St Energy and fuel
McGrory Furniture La Mesa Factory
Meltz's Pharmacy La Mesa Pharmacy
National Transfer & Storage Co. La Mesa Vespucci Blvd Storage
Otto's Auto Parts La Mesa Garage
Pißwasser Cypress Flats/La Mesa Innocence Blvd/El Rancho Blvd Food and drink
Redcar City Paints La Mesa Re-spray shop
RON filling station La Mesa Vespucci Blvd Energy and fuel
The Secure Unit La Mesa Olympic Fwy Storage
Soyler Textile La Mesa Olympic Fwy Factory
Tractor Parts La Mesa Auto parts
Zalinsky Supply & MFR Corp La Mesa Manufacturing supplies

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