Elgin Ave

Elgin Ave is a street, running northeast to south, in Los Santos appearing in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. The avenue starts in Vinewood Hills in the north and ends in Strawberry in the south, running through Hawick, Alta, Vinewood, Pillbox Hill and Legion Square. The street has connections to Adam's Apple Blvd, Bridge St, Clinton Ave, the Del Perro Freeway, Hawick Ave, Innocence Blvd, Marlowe Dr, the Olympic Freeway, San Andreas Ave, Senora Rd, Spanish Ave, Swiss St, Vespucci Blvd, Vinewood Blvd and Vinewood Park Dr. The avenue is 1.34 miles long.

Businesses and places

Name Location Street Type
24/7 Hawick Convenience store
Ammu-Nation Pillbox Hill Adam's Apple Blvd Weapons
Auto Exotic Hawick Garage
Badger Hawick Spanish Ave Communications
Bean Machine Pillbox Hill Vespucci Blvd Food and drink
The Brewer's Drop Strawberry Food and drink
Caesars Auto Parking Pillbox Hill Parking lot
El Café Rojo de Madera Alta Food and drink
CNT Vinewood Hills Clinton Ave Media
The Emissary Pillbox Hill Hotel
Escapism Travel Pillbox Hill Travel agent
Fallen Angels Strawberry Charity
Fern's Strawberry Innocence Blvd Import/Export
FIB Building Pillbox Hill San Andreas Ave Law enforcement
Frenchie's Restaurant Pillbox Hill Vespucci Blvd Food and drink
Hotel Wisdahl Pillbox Hill Vespucci Blvd Hotel
Integrity Tower Pillbox Hill Residential
Kronos Pillbox Hill Clothing
Los Santos City Hall Alta Occupation Ave Government
Los Santos Department of Water and Power Downtown Vinewood/Vinewood Hills Clinton Ave/Vinewood Blvd Energy and fuel
Los Santos Office Supply Co. Strawberry Office supplies
Maison Ricard Pillbox Hill San Andreas Ave
Penris Pillbox Hill Swiss St Healthcare
Pillbox Hill Medical Center Pillbox Hill Healthcare
Smoker's Emporium Strawberry Innocence Blvd Smoking
Tennis court Alta Sports
Vanilla Unicorn Strawberry Strip club
Vankhov Jewelry Pillbox Hill Jewellers
Vinewood Police Station Downtown Vinewood Vinewood Blvd Law enforcement
Zorse Pillbox Hill Clothing