Dollar Pills

Dollar Pills
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Game GTA V
GTA Online
Type of business Pharmacy
Location(s) Alta St/Hawick Ave in Alta, Los Santos
Strawberry Ave in Davis, Los Santos
Route 68 in Harmony, Blaine County

Dollar Pills is a pharmacy chain with stores on the corner of Alta St and Hawick Ave in Alta and Strawberry Ave in Davis, both in Los Santos and in Harmony off Route 68 in Blaine County and appearing in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. A random event occurs at the Davis store where Patrick McReary and H rob the store but cannot escape due to not having a getaway car. The player, as Franklin Clinton, can choose to kill them and either keep or return the money, or help their escape, which unlocks Patrick as a heist crew member.

If Trevor Philips is left alive at the end of GTA V, his mother tells him to steal a van of Deludamol. Trevor finds the van in front of one of the Dollar Pills stores, taking it back to his trailer; however, once he arrives, he finds that his mother had left.


  • The store's name is a mondegreen of "dollar bills".

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