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The following is a script of the Highjack mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Mike Toreno: Hey, Carl.

Carl Johnson: Hey, what the fuck, man! Hey, Toreno, I told you my bad, man. What the hell can I say? I screwed you over.

Mike Toreno: Calm down, kid.

Carl Johnson: Just go ahead and kill me then.

Mike Toreno: Calm down!

Carl Johnson: Man, you ain't nothin' but a fucking yayo dealer anyway, Toreno.

Mike Toreno: Shut up and sit down! What, you think I'm a drug dealer? You think you're a crusader for good? Do you have any idea what's going on? Any idea whatsoever? Do you? DO YOU?

Carl Johnson: No. I pay as little attention to things as possible.

Mike Toreno: Do not be a fucking smartass with me. I work for a government agency. It is not important which one. I will try not to confuse you. Yes, when we last met, I was involved in battling threats in Latin America, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. That does not make me a drug dealer. Now, the money that we raised, the friends that we won over, have helped us immeasurably in our overseas interests.

Carl Johnson: Government agency?

Mike Toreno: Kids like you. You expect heroes. We're fighting a war out there. I'll be a hero and I'll lose, and what'll we have? Communism in Ohio. People sharing. Nobody buying stuff. That kind of bullshit. So relax, and listen.

Carl Johnson: Alright, alright, I'm listening.

Mike Toreno: I know what kind of guy you are. I need a guy like you. To do things I can't get caught doing.

Carl Johnson: Like what?

Mike Toreno: I need you to commandeer a truck. A rival agency, with a confused social agenda. They got things that we need. Now this is a two-man job. You'll need a friend. Use your sister's boyfriend, but don't tell him a thing. Remember, I'll be watching you.

(Cesar comes)

Cesar Vialpando: I got here as fast as I could, CJ!

Carl Johnson: Yeah, you sure did. How you know I needed help?

Cesar Vialpando: Man, you losing it holmes! You phoned me a half hour ago, man!

Carl Johnson: I did? I mean, oh yeah, I did. Sorry man, I got a whole lot on my mind.

(Carl and Cesar on the bike, headed to the freeway.)

Carl Johnson: We need to 'jack a truck on the freeway. It's headed to San Fierro.

(As approaching Robada Intersection)

Cesar Vialpando: We can get on the freeway here, holmes!

(While driving along the freeway)

Cesar Vialpando: What's the plan?

Carl Johnson: I'm gonna pull alongside and you're gonna hop on board!

Cesar Vialpando: Oh shit, you did not mention that on the phone!

Carl Johnson: It'll be a walk in the park!

Cesar Vialpando: Tell Kendl that i love her!

(Cesar prepares to hop on board)

Cesar Vialpando: Just a little closer, holmes!

(Cesar urges Carl to drive faster)

Cesar Vialpando: Match the truck's speed!

(Cesar urges Carl to move close)

Cesar Vialpando: What do you think, I'm a Mexican jumping bean? Closer!