Hill Valley Church

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Hill Valley Church is a church ministry in with churches located along West Eclipse Blvd in Pacific Bluffs, Los Santos and another off Route 68 in the Great Chaparral, Los Santos County, which appears in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.


The church in Pacific Bluffs is led by Reverend I. M. Voland and has a large cemetery set on the hillside. The cemetery has a small lake and an island, connected by a bridge, which has one grave. A letter scrap can be found on the island and a pistol can be found in an empty grave while the Romero hearse is usually parked in the parking lot.

The church in the Great Chaparral is a far smaller church with a cemetery containing thirteen graves. A letter scrap can be found in front of the graves. Upon approaching the church for the first time, a random event will begin with a bride asking for help in escaping having decided not to marry her fiancé who will give chase.


  • Certain graves in the cemeteries have dates listed although the significance of these is unknown:
  • Above the doors of both churches is a sign for the St. Brigid Baptist Church, which is located in Paleto Bay.