Hung Out to Dry

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Hung Out To Dry
Niko Bellic talking to Vladimir Glebov insides Comrades Bar.

Niko Bellic talking to Vladimir Glebov insides Comrades Bar.
For Vlad
Target Shopkeeper
Location Hove Beach
Fail Shop Owner dies or escapes
Reward Nothing
Unlocks Clean Getaway
Unlocked by Bull in a China Shop

Hung Out to Dry is a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV given to protagonist Niko Bellic by Vladimir Glebov from Comrades Bar.


Niko Bellic enters Comrades Bar to see Vlad. Vlad is talking to a woman on his phone. When he notices Niko he adresses to the woman Niko had arrived and promptly hangs up after asking her what was she wearing. Once again, Vlad wants Niko to remind another borrower, a laundromat's owner Vlad calls a "Muscovski jerk", to pay his loan.

Niko drives around the block to the laundromat and goes inside. When Niko comes in after the laundromat owner, he gets startled and tosses a basket full of clothes at Niko as a means of stopping his pursuit.

The owner runs out the back and flees in a Laundromat van. Niko steals a car outside in the back and chases the owner around the city. When he gets to him, he rams into his van until he pulls over and gives up the fight. Niko warns the landromat owner and confirms that Vlad will soon get his money. Niko then call Vlad to inform him the owner will pay.


The player does not get any reward.

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  • If the player fails the mission, Niko will call Vlad to inform that he didn't catch the laundromat owner. Vlad responds in anger, stating that the laundromat owner will be a source of trouble for Vlad. As usual, the player may still retry the mission anyway.
  • Stealing the Laundromat van parked behind the laundromat, which would had been used by the laundromat owner to flee, would result in the player failing the mission, as the laundromat owner has been "spooked and escaped out the front". This is one of only two ways of acquiring the van.
  • If the player blocks the back door with a vehicle the laundromat owner will still pass straight through it.