Huntington Street LTA

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Huntington Street

Liberty City Subway station

Station information
Line Broker Line
Service Broker Line
Platforms 4 (2 on each level)
Tracks 4 (2 on each level)
Borough Dukes
Next north Francis International Airport: 3/8 (Upper level)
Manganese East (Algonquin Outer Line): 3/8 (Lower level)
Next south Schottler: 3/8 (Upper level)
Lynch Street: 3/8 (Lower level)

Huntington Street is a subway stop on the Liberty City Subway system, located at the intersection of Charleston Avenue and Huntington Street in the Cerveza Heights neighborhood of Dukes. It is a dual-level station: trains to Lynch Street and Algonquin (via the Algonquin Bridge) stop at the lower level, while trains to Francis International Airport and Broker stop on the upper level. The 3/8 Broker Line stops at the station. The station is the final stop on the 3/8 Broker Line; in Algonquin, the line becomes known as the A/J Algonquin Outer Line.