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"Jizzy" redirects here. For the mission of the same name, see Jizzy (mission).
Jizzy B.
Appearances GTA San Andreas
Full Name Jizzy B.
Gender Gender::Male
Date of Death 1992 (during Ice Cold Killa)
Home San Fierro, San Andreas
Main Affiliations Loco Syndicate
Vehicles Beige Broadway with purple interior
Voiced by Charlie Murphy

Jizzy B. is a character in the 3D Universe and an infamous pimp in San Fierro, San Andreas who owns the Pleasure Domes night club under the Gant Bridge. It is an adult entertainment place, where Jizzy surrounds himself with prostitutes, whom he abuses. Jizzy is member of the Loco Syndicate drug cartel in San Fierro. Jizzy is the Cartel's face and charisma, recruiting men to pull hits, errands and other business for the Syndicate's dealings.

Carl Johnson becomes aware of the "big deal" between the Loco Syndicate and representatives from Big Smoke's crack empire, and decides to use Jizzy to learn about the Syndicate's business deals. Wu Zi Mu informs Carl that the 'big deal' meeting is the with Ryder and the Ballas, and Carl has to take Jizzy's phone in order to find out about where the meeting will take place. Carl then kills Jizzy as he tries to escape in his Broadway.

Jizzy B. was voiced by the late Charlie Murphy.

Mission appearances

GTA San Andreas


Jizzy's phone in GTA San Andreas.
  • Jizzy owns a special Broadway which has purple seats with a beech-color paint job and a license plate which reads HO 2 HO.
  • Jizzy can be heard on the show Lonely Hearts on WCTR he says that some of the female callers can come down to the Pleasure Domes and be his hookers before being scolded by Christy MacIntyre.
  • As Jizzy B. is a pimp his name could be slang for sperm bee.
  • Jizzy's name is derived from the vulgarity "jizz," a slang term for semen.