T-Bone Mendez forcefully interrogates Carl Johnson about his true intentions
T-Bone Mendez forcefully interrogates Carl Johnson about his true intentions

T-Bone Mendez forcefully interrogates Carl Johnson about his true intentions
Game GTA San Andreas
For The Loco Syndicate
Target Da Nang Boys, Shining Razors and Butterfly Children Roadblocks
Location Doherty, San Fierro
Reward $9000, Respect
Unlocks Snail Trail
Unlocked by Mike Toreno

Outrider is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas given to protagonist Carl "CJ" Johnson by the Loco Syndicate from Carl's garage in the Doherty district of San Fierro, San Andreas.


Jizzy phones Carl and tells him to get to a car in the Xoomer gas station at Easter Basin. Jizzy's friends are waiting for Carl there.

He makes his way to the car and sees that nobody is there. As he gets in, T-Bone Mendez appears from the backseat and threatens to kill Carl, since he suspects him of working for someone else. Carl says he's only working for money, which prompts Mendez to point the gun away from his face. Syndicate leader Michael "Mike" Toreno suddenly appears and asks if they are done. Since they are, they make their way to a drug shipment nearby, where Carl is dropped off and left to fend for himself.

Carl hops on a Sanchez. He then removes the roadblocks set up by the Da Nang Boys. After all four roadblocks are removed, he guards the shipment safely back to the yay factory in Doherty. Once there, Carl tells a San Fierro Rifa gang member, who was driving the shiment in a Rumpo, to get the van out of sight, as cops will come snooping around real soon.


(Carl receives a phone call from Jizzy B.)

Jizzy: Partner.

CJ: Jizzy. What's going on?

Jizzy: Well, my business associates, they need a little assistance. And I thought of you, friend. Meet T-Bone at the gas station next to the docks at Easter Basin. He's waiting for you in a 4-door sedan. Excuse me, partner, I got a call coming in. Arrivederci.

CJ: Yeah, whatever you say. Bye!

(Carl arrives at the gas station, and gets inside a Washington when he can't find anyone.)

CJ: Man, where the hell everybody anyway?

(Carl goes inside the sedan, when T-Bone Mendez grabs him by the neck from behind, and threatens to shoot him.)

T-Bone: Hey, you a pinche jura or what?

CJ: What the hell?

T-Bone: You think you can mess with me? I will blow your head off, and rape and kill your family, you snake. You think you can fucking bullshit me, and fuck me over? I know your fucking game, ese.

CJ: I don't know what you're talking about, man! My throat!

T-Bone: Who you working for?

CJ: Nobody!

T-Bone: (slowly releases Carl) Turn around and look at me.

CJ: Man, I'm just trying to make some money, and keep my mouth shut. I swear, man!

T-Bone: I almost had you, man. I almost fucking had you. Guacha! You gotta be careful in this business, man, (leader de mysterio Michael "Mike" Toreno arrives) you know that.

Toreno: Are you boys done playing around?

T-Bone: Yeah, we're straight, vato.

Toreno: Oh good, that's great. Now we gotta go meet this shipment. We're late as it is. Let's go!

T-Bone: You heard what jefe said.

(They arrive at the location.)

Toreno: Get out and grab a bike. The shipment has to get to the factory. You make sure it does, we make it worth your while. We're watching you, kid.

T-Bone: Si mon, ese. We're watching.

(Once safely at the yay factory after destroying all the roadblocks, Carl warns a San Fierro Rifa member.)

CJ: OK, we made it, but the cops gonna be all over the spot real soon. Get the van out of sight, I'm gonna get out of here.


The rewards for this mission are $9,000 and an increase in respect. The mission Snail Trail is unlocked. However, a three-star wanted level is also attained at the end.


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