Photo Opportunity

Photo Opportunity
Carl Johnson meets up with Cesar Vialpando to photograph the Loco Syndicate
Carl Johnson meets up with Cesar Vialpando to photograph the Loco Syndicate

Carl Johnson meets up with Cesar Vialpando to photograph the Loco Syndicate
Game GTA San Andreas
For Cesar Vialpando
Location Doherty, San Fierro, San Andreas
Fail Failing to take a good enough photograph
Killing Cesar
Destroying Cesar's car
Reward Respect
Unlocks Jizzy
Unlocked by Deconstruction

Photo Opportunity is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas given to protagonist Carl "CJ" Johnson by Mexican-American Varrios Los Aztecas gang leader Cesar Vialpando from Carl's garage in the Doherty district of San Fierro, San Andreas.


Carl recieves a phone call from Cesar, who had been tracking a Ballas car, which was most likely coming to San Fierro to acquire some cocaine. Cesar wants Carl to come with him. Carl makes his way to Cesar's location near Blueberry in Red County. The two hop on Cesar's Savanna and begin to travel towards Angel Pine, where the car was last seen headed.

After entering the small town, Carl and Cesar position themselves on a rooftop overlooking Cluckin' Bell. Carl brings out a camera and plans to take pictures, believing this to be a meeting. Soon after, a Picador pulls in, with Grove Street Families defaulter Lance "Ryder" Wilson getting out, along with a Ballas member sitting in the car, and Carl finally realizes that Ryder joined drug kingpin Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris in destroying the Families. After Ryder, another man pulls in a ZR-350. Cesar identifies him as T-Bone Mendez. Shortly followed thereafter is a man in a suit, arriving in a Washington. Then finally, a fourth man arrives in a Broadway, joining the others. He is identified as a pimp by Carl, but both Cesar and Carl do not know him. After taking pictures of all four men, Cesar and Carl leave Angel Pine, stopping by a gas station. Cesar leaves Carl at the gas station, saying he'll meet him back in San Fierro.


Cesar: (on phone) CJ.

CJ: You got it.

Cesar: Hey, my cousin just called me. He gave me a tip about a Balla car going San Fierro to score yay.

CJ: Shit, we gotta find out who's supplyin' those cats.

Cesar: Read your mind, holmes. I picked them up at the Mulholland Intersection and I'm trailing them now.

CJ: OK, I'm coming to meet you.

Cesar: Better make it fast, holmes, these boys aren't hanging around!

(Carl arrives at Cesar's location near the FleischBerg brewery.)

Cesar: Hop in, holmes!

(Both hop in Cesar's Savanna.)

CJ: Where we goin'?

Cesar: They were headed over Angel Pine way. Follow the road and maybe we can pick them up!

(Carl and Cesar climb atop the terrace of Lovin' A Loan. Moments later, a brown Picador arrives.)

Cesar: There it is, holmes!

(Carl takes a photo of Families defaulter Lance "Ryder" Wilson, who is seen with a Balla in a car.)

CJ: Ryder, you sherm-head!

Cesar: This business is bigger than any gang, ese.

CJ: Ryder, little bitch!

(Carl takes a photo of a guy in blue.)

CJ: This guy takes himself real serious!

Cesar: That's T-Bone Mendez.

CJ: What now? Was that it?

(Carl takes a photo of an unidentified man in a blue suit, who arrives next.)

Cesar: Hey, who's the gringo?

CJ: I don't like the look of that guy. This is more than a few thugs pushing a product. This a serious organization.

(Carl takes the last photo, that of a pimp.)

Cesar: How many of these clowns are there?

CJ: I know a pimp when I see one! They're being clever about this. There ain't no exchange or nothin' incriminating.

(Carl drops off at a gas station in Angel Pine after he and Cesar speed off and away.)

CJ: That was some heavy shit!

Cesar: We better split up and get outta here. I'll meet you back at the garage, eh!

CJ: (as Cesar eaves) Coolio. We got what we came for anyway.


The reward for this mission is an increase in respect. The player will also receive a camera with infinite "ammo" of film. The mission Jizzy is unlocked.


  • If the player flies over the spot where Cesar is supposed to be met at, a huge red halo around the spot is visible. However, it disappears once the player has gone down to a certain altitude.
  • In this mission, Carl was originally supposed to jack a chopper and fly to Cesar and then fly to the meeting spot, to take the pictures from the chopper. This idea was possibly dropped before the game's release, probably because of the limitations set in this part of the game, prohibiting the player from going to a locked area (Las Venturas and the desert area). As a result, it was decided to give Cesar a fear of heights (as noted in Customs Fast Track). This also explains why Carl and Cesar are shouting to each other during the mission despite trying to remain hidden.
  • This mission is one of three to stop working correctly if too many cheats are used (the other two are Burning Desire and Madd Dogg). The mission will crash the game at the point wherein the player takes a picture of Ryder if more than two hundred cheats are used prior to or during the mission.
  • In a rare chance from the PC version from a slow computer host, T-bone will drive his car over Ryder and keep him there for the rest of the mission, but not killing him.


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