T-Bone Mendez (mission)

T-Bone Mendez
Jizzy B. and T-Bone Mendez talking about the Loco Syndicate inside the Pleasure Domes Club
Jizzy B. and T-Bone Mendez talking about the Loco Syndicate inside the Pleasure Domes Club

Jizzy B. and T-Bone Mendez talking about the Loco Syndicate inside the Pleasure Domes Club
Game GTA San Andreas
For Loco Syndicate
Target Packages from ambushed van
Location Battery Point, San Fierro
Reward $5000, Respect
Unlocks Mike Toreno
Unlocked by Jizzy

T-Bone Mendez is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, given to protagonist Carl "CJ" Johnson by city pimp Jizzy B. and San Fierro Rifa leader T-Bone Mendez from the Pleasure Domes Club in Battery Point, San Fierro.


Jizzy is unhappy with Mendez and is discussing something with him as Carl drops by. There are 3 people involved with a deal, namely Jizzy, Mendez and someone apparently named Mike, and Jizzy is only getting 20%, insisting he should get 33%. Mendez then receives a phone call, and apparently some shipments have been ambushed from a Boxville by bikers in Easter Basin at a point beneath the Garver Bridge. Carl agrees to help them out with it, and recovers the packages, getting them back to the club.


(Jizzy and Mendez are discussing a distribution in the Pleasure Domes Club.)

Jizzy: Now just listen to me, OK? Now it's very important that you listen to me. I ain't no retard, amigo. What you think? What, what, what you and Mike think - I'm just a pretty face to y'all? Is that y'all game?

(Carl enters.)

Jizzy: (points Mendez to Carl) Now this here is the dumb muscle I'm talking about. (to Carl) Carl, T-Bone and in reverse.

CJ: Wassup?

T-Bone: Orale, ese.

(Jizzy points Carl to Mendez.)

Jizzy: Don't mind him, we go way back.

T-Bone: Hey, holmes, don't be such a pinche liability.

Jizzy: Liability? Liability for what? Now, there's three of us and I'm getting 20%. What type of math is that? That's fool's math, playa! You and Mike. I'd sell my soul to you guys, and that's what it's going to come down to, huh? Screwing me out of my 13%.

T-Bone: You know the deal. You agreed. Besides, we could have said 5%, and what would you..?

Jizzy: (interrupts Mendez) And what what what!? Cat got your tongue? You as bad at talking as bad as you is at mathematics?

T-Bone: Hey, you want to make this shit personal, ese?

(Mendez's phone rings. He answers.)

T-Bone: Hello.... Yeah.... What? Man... Damn! (to Jizzy as he tries to leave) Hey man, I gotta bounce.

Jizzy: Oh no you don't! I invented that trick, baby. (to Carl) Carl, come with me. We gonna have to bust us a couple of melons around here. (to Mendez) What do you mean the shipments have been ambushed? We just can't go out there T-Bone, it could be a DEA trap!


The reward for this is $5,000 and increased respect.


  • The song featured in the mission cutscene is "Cold Blooded" by Rick James, it could also be heard at Bounce FM.


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