Knocked A Sucka Out

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Knocked A Sucka Out
Game GTA V
Protagonist Franklin Clinton
For Raul
Objective Drive Alonzo to his ex-girlfriend before killing him and driving her to a friends house.
Location San Andreas
Fail Elisa Macallen is killed
Reward $100 - $450
Unlocks Elisa Macallen as a booty call
Unlocked by Purchasing the Downtown Cab Co.

Knocked A Sucka Out is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to protagonist Franklin Clinton by Raul shortly after purchasing the Downtown Cab Co..


Franklin Clinton, while driving in southern San Andreas, receives a phone call from Raul, the manager of the Downtown Cab Co., asking him to go to the University of San Andreas in Richman, Los Santos to pick up a fare. Raul explains his poor attitude before Franklin drives to the university. He picks up Alonzo who asks to be taken to Elgin Ave, under the Olympic Fwy, where his girlfriend Elisa Macallen is waiting with a broken down car. Franklin, despite being Alonzo's attitude, drives Alonzo towards the location with Alonzo receiving a phone call from Elisa breaking up with him.

The two arrive and Franklin pays Elisa a compliment before Alonzo leaves the vehicle. Alonzo then drags Franklin out of the vehicle and the two begin to fight. Franklin then takes care of Alonzo before agreeing to drive Elisa to a friends house on Palomino Ave. On the journey, she complains about Alonzo's controlling nature stating that he physically and verbally abused her, prevented her from seeing friends and even his her step brother for hugging her. Upon arrival, she gives Franklin her phone number and suggests that he calls her.


The base reward for the fare is $100. The player can also earn $250 in tips and an extra $100 for killing Alonzo without using weapons.


  • After completing the mission, Elisa can be called for a booty call for Franklin. She can, however, also be used as a booty call for Michael De Santa and Trevor Philips by phoning her (611-555-0126).