Last Team Standing Update

The Last Team Standing Update
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DevelopersRockstar North
PublishersRockstar Games
PlatformsPlayStation 3
Xbox 360
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Release dates

Xbox 360 - 2 October, 2014
PS3 - 2 October, 2014
Xbox One - 18 November 2014
PlayStation 4 - 18 November, 2014
PC - 27 January 2015

Featured VehiclesLampadati Furore GT
Shitzu Hakuchou
LCC Innovation
Featured WeaponsHeavy Shotgun
Marksman Rifle

The Last Team Standing Update is a free downloadable update for Grand Theft Auto Online that was released on October 2nd 2014. The main feature of the update was the added capability to create Last Team Standing Jobs in the GTA Online Creator, although numerous other updates were added, including:

To celebrate the release of the update, a multiplayer Event was held on the following weekend. Anyone who completed the official Event playlist of five Last Team Standing Jobs received the "Please Stop Me" mask, a reference to the game Manhunt.


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