Law Enforcement Larceny!

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Law Enforcement Larceny!
Game GTA 2
For Red Valdez
Target Zaibatsu
Location Zaibatsu Village in Residential District, Anywhere City
Reward $50,000

Law Enforcement Larceny!, also known as Cop Stealin', is a mission in Grand Theft Auto 2 given to protagonist Claude Speed by The Zaibatsu Corporation leader Red Valdez. The mission is available from the right of the two yellow Zaibatsu phones in The Village of the Residential District.


As a test, Red orders Claude to steal a SWAT Van and a Special Agent Car from the authorities.


Red Valdez: "Red Valdez here! I have some extra special jobs in line for you, Gecko. But first I need to know just how tough you are. Can you steal a SWAT Van?"

(Claude wreaks havoc until the SWAT arrive, then steals a SWAT Van)

Red Valdez: "Stylish, Gecko! Bring the SWAT Van to my Garage."

(Claude delivers the SWAT Van to Red's Garage)

Red Valdez: "So you can handle a SWAT Team. But do you have what it takes to steal a Special Agent Car, Gecko? Go for it!"

(Claude makes more trouble until the FBI arrive, then steals a Special Agent Car)

Red Valdez: "Cool, Gecko! Park the Special Agent Car at my Garage."

(Claude delivers the Special Agent Car to Red's Garage)

Red Valdez: "I can see you have a great future ahead of you, Gecko. For your splendid performance I give you... How does $50,000 sound?"


The reward for completing this mission is $50,000.

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