Leaf Link Golfers

Leaf Link Golfers
A group of Leaf Link Golfers in GTA Vice City.
Games: GTA Vice City
GTA Vice City Stories
Locations: Leaf Links
Colors: Golfer Clothings/Pink
Vehicles: Caddy
Weapons: Golf Clubs and Pistols
Businesses: Leaf Links Country Club

The Leaf Link Golfers, also known as the Golfers, are a gang of Leaf Links Country Club members that hang around in groups on the Leaf Links islands, Vice City, in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. Realistically, golfers are not considered a gang. However, they are technically a gang in the game and killing them raises the "Gang members wasted" statistic and killing enough of them will show the Golfers as being the "Least favorite gang."

They do not take any part in the storylines of the games, but are seen carrying Golf Clubs, and will attack the player if provoked. They will also take out pistols if they can't physically reach the player with their clubs, which is unusual as guns are stripped from the player at the course entrance. Their gang vehicle is the Golf Caddy.

The Male Golfers wears Pink Shirts and Checkered Shorts, while the Female Golfers wear White Vest and Pink Shorts. Their turf is mainly the Leaf Links Golf club but can be seen sometimes on the surrounding streets of the Golf course. The Golfers have no leader whatsoever. If the player manages to kill one of them, they leave a lot of money, and a Golf Club.


In later PS2 versions of GTA Vice City, a bug occurs involving the Leaf Links Golfers. When the golfers are not able to physically reach the player, they will pull out their pistols and shoot them. However on some PS2 versions when this happens the game freezes.