Leone Family Drug Dealer

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Toni Cipriani questioning the Leone Family drug dealer over his refusal to work.

The Leone Family Drug Dealer is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. As the name states, he is a drug dealer working for the Leone Family.


The Leone Family Drug Dealer, at some unknown point in time became a drug dealer, and started working for the Leone Family, dealing drugs in the Chinatown district of Portland. After finding out that Chinatown has been taken over by the Sindacco Family, fearing for his life, the Leone Family Drug Dealer becomes scared and refuses to deal, making excuses for not doing so. In the mission Slacker, under orders from Vincenzo Cilli, Toni Cipriani is sent over to find the dealer and to take him over to his patch. The drug dealer attempts to make excuses, saying that he was ill, and will deal the next day, but Toni ignores his excuses.Toni takes the dealer to Chinatown, where the dealer finally admits he is scared off being killed by members of the Sindacco Family, who have taken the area over. However, the drug dealer is later killed (off screen) by the Sindacco Family, promting Cilli to send Toni back to Chinatown to kill three Sindacco mobster as revenge for his death.

Mission appearance

GTA Liberty City Stories