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Hello ! My GTW name is Loadingue, you already know this. But in real life, my first name is Paul !! (believe it or not) I live in a small town in southern Belgium.

Maybe you think that I don't speak English very well ? No wonder, I usually speak French (by the way, I never use any translator, I do everything myself !). If anybody doesn't understand me, please leave a message ! More important : if someone sees that a text I wrote is poorly-written, please correct it (or/and send me a message). Thank you.

My work for GTW

I just love those interesting details that most people don't care about which are called "Trivia". I mostly do the default radio stations (from GTA Vice City to Episodes from Liberty City). I'm also interested in vehicles, Beta vehicles and radio stations.

About me

Do you know mods ? Yes, modifications. I've got over 500 downloaded mods on my computer. That's not much. I also make mods, but I've never released them.

So now, here are the GTA games I have :


  • Most favorite radio station : Double Clef FM
  • Most favorite vehicle : Yakuza Stinger
  • Most hated vehicle : Esperanto

GTA Vice City (PC)

  • Most favorite radio station : Flash FM
  • Most favorite vehicle : Stinger
  • Most hated vehicle : Voodoo

GTA San Andreas (PC - PS2)

  • Most favorite radio station : Master Sounds 98.3
  • Most favorite vehicle : Hustler
  • Most hated vehicle : Manana

GTA Liberty City Stories (PS2)

  • Most favorite radio station : Flashback FM
  • Most favorite vehicle : Phobos VT
  • Most hated vehicle : Perennial

GTA Vice City Stories (PS2)

  • Most favorite radio station : VCFL
  • Most favorite vehicle : Deluxo
  • Most hated vehicle : Regina


  • Most favorite radio station : Liberty Rock Radio 97.8
  • Most favorite vehicle : Sabre GT
  • Most hated vehicle : Primo

The Lost and Damned (PC !!!)

  • Most favorite radio station : Liberty Rock Radio 97.8
  • Most favorite vehicle : Angel
  • Most hated vehicle : Hakuchou

The Ballad of Gay Tony (PC !!!)

  • Most favorite radio station : Vladivostok FM
  • Most favorite vehicle : F620
  • Most hated vehicle : Serrano

OK, that's all. For now...

Any question ? Any idea ? Anything ? Leave me a message, or visit my talk page.