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The following is a walkthrough of the Loose Ends mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


The Orthodox Way: Before doing this mission, it is reccommended to get full health and armour. Enter the compound at the back of the Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory through the gate on the left. There will be a black Admiral with two men in black suits shooting at you while taking cover behind the Admiral. Kill the men. Or, to make the job easier, destroy the Admiral. The resulting explosion will kill the men. There is an M16 assault rifle located on your right hand side. Pick it up, as it will be useful to you. Go up the stairs located in front of you and run to the far side of the platform. There is a SPAS 12 located on the platform. Pick it up; it is the most powerful shotgun in the GTA III Era. Crouch behind the railing for some cover, and to increase the accuracy of your weapon(s) and wipe out the men in black suits that you see. Because you are on high ground, it is hard to not see the men in black suits. Once you have finished wiping them out, get down from the platform and continue on foot. There is an armour spawn in case you need it, along with two health spawns among the way. Kill any other black suited men that you see. Once you reach the roof, kill the gangsters, take the merchandise and, using the blue Maverick provided, fly the merchandise to the airport.

The Easy Way: Doing this mission the "right way" can be very costly to your bullets. The factory backyard is infested with a flock of enemies and clearing the whole place will most likely be both ammo- and time-consuming.

There is a fast way out of this, which saves your ammo and especially your patience. Arrive at the payphone with a helicopter (The Maverick on top the Vercetti Estate would be the nearest one) and start the mission. Use your helicopter to land on the nearby building on the left side of the factory (assuming that you are flying from the payphone's direction). Snipe every single enemy on the roof where the briefcase is. This allows you to sprint-jump on the factory's roof with no lethal force ahead, pick up the briefcase and escape to the airport with the helicopter provided nearby.

Video walkthroughs

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