Los Santos Courier

The courier challenge is a side mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that involves the player dropping off various packages within a time limit. The player will start the side mission when they get on the BMX in front of Roboi's Food Mart in the Commerce location.


Upon getting on the BMX you'll start the mission. Cycle to the locations marked with a yellow blip on the radar that are in locations around Los Santos. You will then need to throw a package into the corona by pressing either the left or right drive-by button and pressing the shoot button to throw the package through the corona. If the package goes through the corona, continue onto the next marker. If the package misses the corona, the player can go back and retrieve the lost package. Once all the of packages needed have been delivered the player now needs to head back to Roboi's Food Mart within the time limit. Completion of the mission will reward the player with money and a bonus for every item left over and time left over.

-Note: If the player drops a package and moves on, the next package dropped will remove the previous one from the map. So dropped packages are either picked up immediately or lost.

-Note: Falling/getting off of the bike will result in 20 seconds allotted to the player to return to the bike. Not returning in sufficient time will end the mission, and every second that the player is back on the bike after falling, the timer will gain one second until it reaches 20 again. Ex: Falling/getting off of the bike 4 times in immediate succession will end the mission.

Tip: Having a high or full bike skill will dramatically increase the likelihood of the player completing the mission by being able to bunny-hop high over fences - creating a shortcut, and by being able to survive harder crashes.

Mission Layout

  • Level 1 - Items Held: 6 | Deliver 3 Packages Time given: 2:30 minutes
  • Level 2 - Items Held: 6 | Deliver 4 Packages Time given: 5:00 minutes
  • Level 3 - Items Held: 7 | Deliver 5 Packages Time given: 5:00 minutes
  • Level 4 - Items Held: 8 | Deliver 6 Packages Time given: 10:00 minutes


Money Earned On Deliveries

  • For each level it is based upon time left plus items held. Bonus for maximum-items-held at the end of each level is thus:
  1. $300 for a total of around $1000.
  2. $200 for a total of around $2300.
  3. $200 for a total of around $5700.
  4. $200 for a total of around $4300.
  • Each package left over is worth $100.
  • It is estimated that the missions can be worth around $15,000.


Roboi's Food Mart will become an asset when the player completes all delivery side missions and will generate a total income of $2000.