Trevor Philips Industries (gang)

Trevor Philips Industries
Trevor Philips Enterprises
Trevor Philips Enterprise
TP Conglomerate
TPI Conglomerate
Trevor Philips Corporation
TP Inc.
Trevor Philips, the gangs leader.
Games: GTA V
GTA Online
Locations: Sandy Shores, Blaine County
Leader: Trevor Philips
Enemies: The Lost Brotherhood
Madrazo Cartel
Merryweather Security Consulting
O'Neil Brothers
Los Varrios Aztecas
Wei Cheng Triad
Affiliations: Guzmán Cartel
The Lost Brotherhood (formerly)
Vehicles: Bodhi
Frogger (2013)
Blazer (2013)
Businesses: Liquor Ace
McKenzie Airfield
Sandy's Gas Station
Fronts: Trevor Philips' Trailer
Ron Jakowski's Trailer
Members: Chef
Ron Jakowski
Wade Hebert

Trevor Philips Industries, also referred to as Trevor Philips Enterprises, Trevor Philips Enterprise, TP Conglomerate, TPI Conglomerate, Trevor Philips Corporation and TP Inc., is a gang run by Trevor Philips from his trailer on Zancudo Ave in Sandy Shores, Blaine County. The gang appears in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.

Events of HD Universe

The gang was established at some point prior to 2013 and initially worked with The Lost Brotherhood and seemingly the Los Varrios Aztecas in Blaine County supplying the residents of Sandy Shores with methamphetamine, which is cooked at their liquor store by Chef while also supplying gasoline to residents from Sandy's Gas Station. The gang has three members, other than founder/leader Trevor. Chef, who cooks methamphetamine at the Liquor Ace store, joined after being given a "job interview" where he killed a cash for gold man and his security guard before disposing of their bodies with Trevor. Ron Jakowski joined after being convinced by Trevor to leave his wife and job as an accountant after which he became a conspiracy theorist collecting information on various government, business and civilian operations including that of Merryweather Security Consulting. Wade Hebert is the final man to join the gang while travelling towards Los Santos when he too is convinced to join the gang after his friends Daisy Bell and Kush-Chronic are murdererd by Trevor without his knowledge. The gang quickly becomes involved in drug manufacturing and trafficking, and stealing items from a Merryweather controlled train while planning to expand into arms dealing.

By early 2013 the gang is well established in Sandy Shores but begins to cut ties with The Lost Brotherhood with Trevor in particular looking to anger Johnny Klebitz by having sex with Ashley Butler. Trevor and Ron task an unknown accomplice/group with stealing one of their vans, a Lost owner tanker of gasoline, stealing their methamphetamine, some of their bikes to sell to Mushroom Hank, then stealing their weapons supply, stealing their cooking chemicals, stealing their narcotics, stealing their stolen satellite dishes and shutting down their operation in the Great Chaparral. Trevor and Ron also task the accomplice/group with helping them to expand the gangs interests by stealing a Cargobob from Fort Zancudo, stealing a boat from Paleto Bay, stopping the Los Santos Vagos expanding into the Alamo Sea, helping with establishing links to the Guzmán Cartel, stealing some diamonds being trafficked and even killing a number of police officers to stop them busting the gangs operation.

Trevor, for unknown reasons, cut ties with the accomplice/group and continued to run the gang with the help of Chef, Ron and Wade, with Ron establishing links to the Wei Cheng Triad based out of Yangshan, China. Before any terms can be discussed Trevor decides to try and take The Lost Brotherhood and Los Varrios Aztecas out of commission once and for all, killing a number of Lost members and detroying Ortega's trailer (with the player having the option to kill Ortega). When Wei Cheng, the Triad family's leader, sends his son Tao and a translator to see if the two gangs can come to an agreement the gangs Liquor Ace store (where the methamphetamine is cooked) is attacked by the Aztecas. Trevor, to protect his guests, locks them in a freezer before allowing them out after killing the attacking gangsters. Due to this, the gang loses the contract to the O'Neil Brothers prompting Trevor to destroy their farm, which is used as a front for their drugs operation. Trevor, having tasked Wade with finding Michael De Santa who he thought had died in 2004, leading him to travel to Los Santos where he later plans a heist stealing some military technology for the gang with help from Michael and his associate Franklin Clinton, and Wade's cousin Floyd.

The gang, with Trevor and Wade remaining in Los Santos, is run by Ron but without Trevor the gang begins to stall in its operations. Trevor, however, returns after kidnapping Patricia Madrazo, the wife of Mexican drug cartel kingpin Martin Madrazo. With help from Michael, he again robs a Merryweather train of its contents and the two, with Franklin and Chop, kill the three remaining O'Neil brothers using a helicopter used to infiltrating te IAA headquarters, which angers Michael. During this period he also begins working with Oscar Guzmán and his cartel supplying them with weapons after purchasing the McKenzie Airfield in Grapeseed. After returning Patricia to her husband, he again returns to Los Santos leaving Ron to lead the gang in particular after learning Bradley Snider had died and was not incarcerated as he believed when he begins stalking Michael who he correctly holds responsible.

Trevor later repairs his relationship with Michael when they, along with Franklin, Lester Crest and a group of accomplices, pull off a heist at the Union Depository making him extremely rich, which would allow for Trevor to expand his operations. Trevor's fate, and thus the gangs, if left to the player who has the choice of killing him, along with killing Michael and saving both.




  • The gang may also have links to The Altruists with Trevor seemingly knowing members of the cult and having the option of delivering random characters to them.