Mr. Philips

Mr. Philips
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Game GTA V
Protagonist Trevor Philips
Objective Find the Lost MC's hideout and wipe them out, then intimidate Ortega
Location Sandy Shores
Fail Wade Hebert dies or is abandoned
Ron Jakowski dies or is abandoned
Trevor's Bodhi is destroyed
Lose the bikers before finding their hideout
Unlocks Nervous Ron
Trevor Philips Industries
Unlocked by The Jewel Store Job
Deaths Johnny Klebitz
Terry Thorpe
Clay Simons
Ortega (optional; however, if spared, he dies in Trevor Philips Industries)
Ashley Butler (optional; however, if spared, she dies later in the game)

Mr. Philips is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V. While the mission starts at Michael De Santa's house, the mission is for Trevor Philips.


Michael and Franklin Clinton are celebrating the success of the Vangelico heist when Michael's FIB contact Dave Norton walks in unexpectedly, demanding an explanation for Michael's actions. Michael denies that he was involved with the jewelry store robbery; however, Agent Norton turns on the TV to show a Weazel News report about said robbery. Agent Norton warns Michael that the robbery will attract the attention of Trevor Philips, but Michael believes that Trevor is dead.

At the same time, Trevor is watching the same news report from his trailer in Sandy Shores while having sex with Ashley Butler. When Albert Stalley, one of the witnesses being interviewed, quotes Michael, Trevor quietly leaves the trailer in shock, realizing that Michael Townley is still alive. As Trevor is leaving, Ashley's boyfriend Johnny Klebitz shows up to confront Trevor about his relations with Ashley, while Trevor's associates Ron Jakowski and Wade Hebert try to stop him. Trevor initially ignores Johnny; however, Trevor eventually answers Johnny's call out and proceeds to humiliate him. Johnny then apologizes for his outburst, to which Trevor responds to by grabbing Johnny's throat, throwing him on the ground and repeatedly stomping on his head, killing him. Ashley then runs over to Johnny's body, mourning him.

Trevor, Ron, and Wade then get in Trevor's pickup truck to find the other Lost MC members in Grapeseed. On the way, Trevor tells Wade to find Michael in Los Santos. When Trevor arrives at the farm, Terry Thorpe asks him if he's seen Ashley, telling him that Johnny was looking for her. Trevor responds by saying that he had sex with her not too long ago. Clay Simons states that Johnny wouldn't be cool with Trevor messing with her, and Trevor reveals that he also just killed Johnny. Not believing him, Terry, Clay and the other Lost MC bikers flee the farm with Trevor following them. Trevor states that they have to follow the van, but Terry and Clay can be killed. The van eventually stops at the trailer park in Stab City. After Trevor wipes out the Lost MC camp, he tells Wade to leave and start finding Michael, while he and Ron drive to Ortega's trailer. After pushing Ortega's trailer into the Zancudo River, Trevor tells him that the Lost MC and Aztecas are out of business, and the guns and drugs in Blaine County either go through Trevor Philips Enterprises or not at all. After killing or sparing Ortega, Trevor drives back to his and Ron's trailers, stating that he needs to tie up loose ends in Sandy Shores before leaving to find Michael. Ron suggests that Michael being alive could be a trap to lure Trevor out; however, Trevor believes that it's the real deal.

After completing this mission, the player can only play as Trevor until they complete Friends Reunited, as Michael and Franklin are laying low after the Vangelico heist.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
No Survivors Kill the fleeing bikers at the Lost MC camp.
Headshots Kill at least 12 enemies with a headshot.
Time Complete the mission within 12 minutes.
Trailer Trashed Cause $5,000 worth of damage to Ortega's trailer.
Lost and Damned Kill Terry and Clay during the chase.


Video walkthrough

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