Lost and Found

Lost and Found
Victor Vance flying a helicopter through Downtown, Vice City
Victor Vance flying a helicopter through Downtown, Vice City

Victor Vance flying a helicopter through Downtown, Vice City
Game GTA Vice City Stories
For Lance Vance
Location Ocean Beach, Vice City
Reward $1,500
Unlocks In the Air Tonight (after completing So Long Schlong and Domo Arigato Domestoboto)
Unlocked by Blitzkrieg Strikes Again

Lost and Found is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories given to protagonist Victor Vance by his brother Lance from his apartment in Ocean Beach, Vice City.


Vic drops by Lance's apartment. Lance informs him that his enemy, Jerry Martinez, is going to kidnap Louise again as soon as she gets out of the hospital. So, Vic drives to the hospital in Downtown and picks up Louise from the hospital. Vic asks her about wanting to do something fun, but he receives a message from Lance who says he's trapped in a burning building and wants Vic to bring a helicopter. Louise then informs Vic of a helicopter on the hospital's roof.

Vic and Louise take the Air Ambulance and Vic flies over to Ocean Beach where Lance is seen in a roof up in flames. Lance says that he has been attacked by Martinez's goons who took his money and wants to get them back as the Martinez goons are escaping in boats. Vic flies over the boats as Lance from the chopper fires and kills all the goons. Afterwards, he jumps on the boat with his money and leaves while Vic takes Louise back to her sister's apartment in Little Havana.


(Lance and Vic at Lance's apartment.)

Lance Vance: Hey, Vic... is Louise still in the hospital?

Victor Vance: Yeah, but she'll be getting out soon.

Lance Vance: That's good. Look, we got a big deal coming down today. I'm gonna need you there.

Victor Vance: Wait a minute. Why are you asking about Louise?

Lance Vance: Take it easy. It's just that... You know, Martinez called and he said that he's gonna "pay her a visit", and I don't think he means to take some fruit.

Victor Vance: What?

Lance Vance: Look, the hospital's got security. She'll be fine. Let's you and me just go make some money.

Victor: You're kidding, right?

Lance Vance: Oh, man, get your priorities in order.

(Vic goes to pickup Louise from the hospital.)

Victor Vance: Louise... Heh, you look good.

Louise Cassidy-Williams: Thanks. I feel good.

Victor Vance: You know, for a while, I thought I'd lost you.

Louise Cassidy-Williams: I thought I'd lost you.

Victor Vance: Look, I was angry. I shouldn't have said what I did.

'Louise Cassidy-Williams: Me neither.

Victor Vance: You wanna do something fun? No business, just me and you?

(Vic receives a message on pager.)

Victor Vance: Aw, nuts, it's Lance. What the hell?! "Trapped in a burning building - bring a helicopter"? What can I do?

Louise Cassidy-Williams: Business can be fun. There's a helicopter on the roof of the hospital. We could take that.

(Vic and Louise in a helicopter fly to Ocean Beach.)

Louise Cassidy-Williams: There's the building. I can't see Lance, though. Get in closer. There he is!

(Vic lands on the roof and Lance appears.)

Victor Vance: Get in, you idiot!

Louise Cassidy-Williams: What happened?

Lance Vance: Did you run into any trouble? No? Well, I did. Martinez set us up - divide and conquer. He got you out of the way and nearly nailed me. Martinez's men took everything... but we're gonna get it back. They headed out to sea. Come on, let's get after them.

(Vic flies the helicopter over to the thieves and Lance fires at them.)

Lance Vance: There they are! Yeah, not so clever now, huh? Eat lead, sucker! I got you, you mother!

(After all the thieves are dead.)

Lance Vance: Get me over that boat. It's got our money in it.

(Vic flies over the boat and Lance jumps on it.)

Lance Vance: I'll see you cats later. Keep popping!

Victor Vance: I'm sorry. Things just keep cropping up. Maybe we can still have some fun.

Louise Cassidy-Williams: That's OK, Vic. I had fun. But I should be getting back to Mary-Beth now.

Victor Vance: Oh, yeah. Sure.

Louise Cassidy-Williams: It's a great view from up here! I think I see Mary-Jo's place! There are some beautiful houses down there... Some real shit-holes, too. This is so cool, honey.

(They land and Louise walks slowly home.)

Victor Vance: Louise, I'll call you real soon.

Louise Cassidy-Williams: Oh, OK.

Victor Vance: I'm kind of in the middle of a war right now.

Louise Cassidy-Williams: It's OK. I'll wait.


The reward for this mission is $1,500. The mission In the Air Tonight is unlocked, if the missions So Long Schlong and Domo Arigato Domestoboto have also been completed.

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