Mafiya Work

A Police Stockade in Mafiya Work.

Mafiya Work is a multiplayer game in Grand Theft Auto IV consisting of two to sixteen players. Working under the direction of Russian Mob boss Kenny Petrovic via Cell Phone, the player will compete against other players in a series of mini-missions.


The objective is to complete all missions asigned to you by Kenny Petrovic. He will call your cellphone, and give you any objective to complete, which could range from killing rival mob members, destroying various objects, machines, or vehicles, picking up and dropping off family members, and many other mini-missions. Once one objective has been completed by any player(s), the next one will immeadiately begin, so all missions happen in real time. Each mission grants money, so players win by having the most amount money from mission by the end of the time limit, by reaching the money limit first, or being the last remaining person in the game.


The Host can change a number of factors including

  • A Time limit or a money limit
  • The area the players will play in (Will only be the 5 main boroughs, Alderney, Algonquin, Broker/Dukes or Bohan for choosing in lobby)
  • The type of weapons available to players
  • The Weather and Time of Day
  • Whether the map will show blips of all players, far players, near player, or no blips at all
  • The Respawn time


The money reward at the end of the match depends on the amount of missions completed by the players. Players - 2-8


  • Do not worry as much about killing enemy players as getting objectives completed. If you kill an enemy player, you get $100, compared to getting at least $250 per objective.
  • Having a vehicle is a must for playing this. In order to get around, try to stick with fast vehicles, such as the Infernus,Turismo, or Banshee.
  • Fourdoor vehicles are also useful, mainly in escort objectives, as you can carry the VIP and additional players for support fire.
  • Motorcycles aren't the best way to travel around: while being fast, you are very vulnearable while riding one. Use motorcycles only for improvisation.
  • If there are several objectives present, go for the nearest one. If there's a lot of crowd at the objective, go for those which are farther, it potentially pays off.
  • Try to keep an assault rifle while playing this to have more range than your opponent(s).