Michelle's Auto Repair

Michelle's Auto Repair
Game GTA San Andreas
Type of business Garage
Owner(s) Michelle Cannes
Location(s) Downtown, San Fierro

Michelle's Auto Repair is an auto repair shop in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The shop is located in Downtown, San Fierro and is owned by car expert Michelle Cannes. Her repair shop is only accessible to the player if Carl Johnson dates her. The shop acts exactly like a Pay 'n' Spray but it is free to use. A unique stunt jump is located beside the shop.

Carl Johnson will receive a racing suit with Michelle's Auto Repair's logo when his like percentage with Michelle Cannes becomes 100%.


Even though the garage repairs for free, if the player tries to get in the garage with less than 100 dollars, the repairs won't be done. Just like in a regular Pay 'n' Spray, it claims the player does not have enough money.


  • The interior of the workshop's garage features a workbench topped with four sex toys, and a Kruton 9000 computer.