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The following is a script of the mission "Out of Commission" in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Pre mission phone call

Little Jacob: Niko, I and Roman have found one a dat ras clot Pegorino's men, seen? He be inna some building in Koresh Square. We keep an eye out pon it.

Niko: Wait for me, I'm on my way. What is Roman doing there? This is not the place for him.

Little Jacob: He backing you up, rasta. I an' I both be, seen? One love.


(Niko gets to Jacob and Roman)

Little Jacob: Get in, Niko.

Little Jacob: Niko, get inna the car.

Little Jacob: Come on me breda. Get inna the car.

(Niko gets in the car)

Little Jacob: Alright, me breda. Dat blood clot be inna de place. I an' I been following him for a time, seen? Me tink his next step is wit Pegorino. We follow him there, seen?

Niko: Thank you, both of you. But I do not think this is the place for you, Roman. This is too dangerous.

Roman: You are my cousin Niko, and Kate died at my wedding. I'm helping you.

Little Jacob: Rhaatid, see him dere. Ya have fe stick to him me breda.

(The Mafia see the three)

Mafia: Fuck, we got a tail. Better lose this piece of shit on the way back to the Peg. I don't wanna be late.

(The three begin chasing the mobsters)

Niko: How do you know he's going back to Pegorino?

Little Jacob: He been running around town like a headless chicken, ya know rasta. Picking up shit, him desperate.

Roman: There's nowhere left for these guys to go. The whole city wants them dead now.

Niko: Well, I guess I'll be doing the whole city a favor when I kill Pegorino, then. The fool thought he could be a big player.

Roman: This man will lead us there, we'll get him cousin. I assure you.

Little Jacob: Seen, bredren. I and I be after him. Ain't no way de boy gwan live another day upon dis earth. Seen? He's a dead man, dead man! Fucked with the wrong rasta and ting.

Niko: This he will realize soon enough.

(Niko continues to chase the mobsters)

Niko: Where the fuck is this guy going?

Little Jacob: Easy me breda. He's taking us to Pegorino. You need fe chill.

Roman: I'm not fucking chilled. We're speeding down the highway at who knows how fast. Cars are coming toward us, people are shooting at us. How can you be chilled? You've been smoking too much, Jacob. Whatever chilled it, this is not it!

Niko: You said you wanted to help, Roman. You said you wanted to give Pegorino payback just as much as I did.

Roman: I did... I do want to but, you know. I don't want to die, I have a wife to think about now.

Niko: I've got nobody now.

Little Jacob: Dat not true blood. Ya got I and Roman, seen? Roman just scared and ting. He don't mean what him saying. We gwan mash up dese ras clot. Mash em up good! Seen? Roman, dat's what you're feeling, don't it?

Roman: Sure, sure. That's what I'm feeling. Niko, I want to get this guy. I just don't think we want to take any unnecessary risks while we're doing that.

Niko: Roman, the last thing I want is to lose you as well as Kate. I can't imagine how I'd feel if I lost you today. But, Roman, I will not let this piece of shit go. He is taking us back to Jimmy Pegorino.

(The two cars exit Plumber's Skyway)

Niko: He cannot go much further, we must reach Pegorino soon.

Roman: At least we're seeing some of Alderney. I don't normally come this side of the West River.

Little Jacob: Seen, Roman. I don't come pon dis ground neither and ting. It's a different city from de rest of Liberty, true?

Niko: I am not taking you on some tourist sightseeing tour. We're chasing a scumbag back to his boss. Then we're going to make that shithead pay for what he did to Kate. Understand?

Roman: Sure, cousin, sure. Eyes to the front. Mind on the job at hand and all that shit.

Little Jacob: He's going fe stop soon ya know, Niko. Me hear from me sources that Pegorino, he might be hiding in the North of Alderney somewhere.

Niko: Okay, we're making some progress then. We will keep on this guy and hopefully he won't fucking kill us or crash before he leads us to Pegorino. I'm about ready to see that particular moron.

Roman: Yeah... uh, me too.

(They follow the mobsters to an abandoned casino)

Little Jacob: Alright, dis is where he be going. What's the plan, Niko?

Niko: Jacob, you and Roman stay back. I'm going in to get Pegorino.

Roman: Cousin, me and Jacob are here to help you.

Little Jacob: What? We want get dis raas clot too ya know, Niko.

Niko: Jacob, the best way to help me is to keep my cousin alive. I don't want to lose him as well. Also, figure out an exit strategy. When this guy is dead, I'm not going to want to hang around long.

(Jacob and Roman leave and Niko fights fights the mobsters. Jacob sends him a text message when Niko reaches the door to the casino)

I got an escape plan for you, star,. Keep your eyes on the sky, sight?

Pegorino: You motherfucker. Don't think for a second that this was anyone's fault but your own. You coulda worked with me and everything woulda been gravy.

Niko: I wanted out and you killed someone I cared about. It's over for you now, Jimmy.

Pegorino: I still got something left.


Pegorino: You're nothing but a two bit hood.

Pegorino: I'd clip that bitch again if I had the chance.

Pegorino: Your problem is you like killing too much.

Pegorino: How you gonna get by in this country if you ain't gonna go after the big money?

Pegorino: You immigrant piece of shit.

Pegorino: You're a scumbag, Niko.

Pegorino: Motherfucker.

Pegorino: Don't think I don't know how to fight.

Pegorino: Shit, I wish I'd have hit you at the wedding.

(Pegorino runs and Niko chases after him)

Pegorino: Shoot that fuck before he kills us all.

Pegorino: Take that boy down.

Pegorino: Get that immigrant shit.

Pegorino: Will someone get rid of this dickhead already?

Pegorino: I'll give fifty Gs to the man that drops this fuck.

Pegorino: Clip that asshole.

Niko: Pegorino is mine, no one can keep me from him.

Niko: I'm either dying here or killing Jimmy P. I ain't backing down.

Niko: I'm sick of killing these lackeys, where is Pegorino?

Niko: I ain't got nothing left. You better kill me.

Niko: I'm going to get you, Jimmy.

Niko: Fight me like a man, Pegorino.

Niko: Jimmy, your time is up.

Niko: Fuck you Pegorino.

Niko: Pegorino! You're mine!

Niko: None of you are going to stop me from killing Jimmy P.

Niko: Why didn't you just hit me instead?

Niko: She didn't do anything to you.

Niko: You're not getting away, Pegorino.

Niko: I'll swim if I have to. Urgh.

Niko: Couldn't you have killed me, you dumb shit?

Niko: Come on, shit.

(Pegorino gets in a boat and Niko chases him on a dirt bike. Eventually Roman and Jacob arrive in an Annihilator and chase Pegorino)

Roman: Niko, we see the boat! Me and Jacob are going after it!

Niko: Not without me, you're not.

(Niko ramps the bike and jumps, grabbing onto one of the skids)

Roman: Climb up, cousin.

Roman: Get up, NB. Climb.

Roman: Come on, NB. You can do it.

Roman: Up, Niko. Get up here.

Roman: Niko, you can do it. Climb.

(Niko climbs in the helicopter and takes control)

Little Jacob: Niko, ya make it, rasta.

Niko: No thanks to you, you trying to ditch me?

Little Jacob: Me knew you'd find a way, me bredren. Take control of dis ting. You better at driving than me.

Niko: Okay, let's get this guy.

(Niko chases Pegorino)

Niko: I smell his blood. Now it is only a matter of chasing him down.

Little Jacob: Seen, Niko. We going fe get him now. Dere ain't nowhere him can go.

Niko: Thank you both for helping me with this. It was not your fight.

Roman: Niko, any fight of yours is mine as well. We are family.

Little Jacob: I got ya back, me breda.

Niko: This is something that I have to do. Kate had a messed up family, but she remained good. She... was something worth protecting... by helping me today you are doing something good.

Little Jacob: Irie, Niko.

Niko: I do not care if I am killed, if I am hurt, as long as he pays for his attack. If I live, I will be able to say that today. I did not hesitate. I did what was right.

(Jacob shoots an SMG. The boat eventually catches fire and the helicopter is struck by an RPG)

Little Jacob: Yeah man, me get de ras clot. See him a crash pon de island?

(Niko controls the helicopter and lands it on Happiness Island)

Niko: Hold on.

Roman: Fuck, fuck, fuck!

(Pegorino gets off the boat and runs behind the Statue of Happiness. Niko lands the flamed helicopter and chases after him)

Niko: Are you both alright?

Little Jacob: Irie, man.

Roman: Urgh...

Niko: Wait here while I finish this.

(Niko wounds Pegorino)

Niko: I told you to leave me alone.

Pegorino: I give the orders here. Me.

Niko: You're not looking so good there, Jimmy.

Pegorino: Screw you.

Niko: What the fuck did she ever do to you?

Pegorino: I wanted you, you immigrant dip shit.

Niko: Big talk. You wanna know something funny?

Pegorino: Not really.

Niko: The Commission - the old families - I know some of those guys. And they thought you werea fat fucking joke.

Pegorino: Whatever.

Niko: A joke! Huh.

(Niko walks away and laughs while Pegorino attempts to shoot Niko but is shot the forehead by Niko's AK-47)

Roman: Cousin!

Niko: Yeah.

Roman: You did it...

Niko: Really? I don't know. What did I do?

Roman: But we're done. Now we can start making money... freely.

Niko: I suppose so.

Roman: We won, man. We won!

(The credits roll)

Niko: So, this is what the dream feels like, this is the victory we longed for.

Alternate dialogue

(Niko begins chasing the mobsters)

Niko: Are you sure that he's going back to Pegorino? He's not going to go on the lamb?

Roman: That's not a possibility, cousin. This man has been picking stuff up for Pegorino since we found him. From what you tell me about Jimmy P, he's too desperate to do without this shit.

Little Jacob: Me man, Roman, be talking de truth, ya know. Word pon de street is dat Peg ain't got much, him held up somewhere a waiting fe get outta town.

Niko: The only place Pegorino is going is into a coffin.

Roman: You have to do what you have to do, cousin. If he tried to kill you then, he will try to kill you again.

Niko: I am not doing this to protect myself, I'm doing this because of Kate. I always said you could not escape the past.

Little Jacob: Boy, it no matter why ya are do dis ya know, me breda. I and I be backing you up for whatever. I an' I in dis for as long as ya be needing us.

(Niko continues chasing the mobsters)

Niko: Motherfucker, why don't we just stop his car and start cutting off his fingers until he tells us where the fuck Pegorino is?

Little Jacob: Easy now Niko. Dat shirt work in all dem spy torture type show pon TV, seen? But that don't work inna real life. Fools just pass out when dem see dem finger cut off.

Niko: Alright, we follow him back to Pegorino, then we cut his fucking fingers off.

Little Jacob: Seen me bredren, seen.

Roman: What type of sick bastards have I gotten into a car with? I'm speeding into oncoming traffic! I'm being shot at and all I have for company are two gangsters discussing the finer points of torture. This is great, just great. How's married life, Roman? It's really relaxing, thanks for asking.

Little Jacob: At least ya not dead and ting.

Roman: Not yet.

Niko: You asked to be here, Roman. Now that you are on board, I do not want these complaints.

Roman: Okay, cousin, okay. I was just saying, be safe is all. Not crushed by an oncoming truck or something. Dead men can't get revenge.

(The cars exit Plumber's Skyway)

Niko: Alright, this is starting to become a joke or something. Where is Pegorino? What sort of wild turkey chase are we on?

Little Jacob: I don't know, ya know rasta. Can't be far though.

Niko: Yeah, but this guy better not be fucking with us. He better br bringing us to Pegorino.

Little Jacob: Seen me bredren, seen.

Roman: Shit, what's the plan when we get there? You think that it'll just be this guy and Pegorino? We teach them a lesson and we go.

Little Jacob: Pegorino ain't as strong as when he used to run the Alderney family, is he Niko?

Niko: No, he isn't as strong as he was back then. But he has still got some money and two bit gangsters will give their lives for a man if he'll pay the right price. I have put myself in situations such as these.

Little Jacob: True, Niko, true. Dere gonna be plenty of ras clots inna de ground.

Roman: Shit, cousin, is this a good idea? Taking on all of these hired hoods?

Niko: I did not start this, I have no choice after Pegorino killed Kate.

Post mission phone calls


Roman: Hey Niko, are you okay?

Niko: Yeah, I'm fine. How's married life?

Roman: It's okay, hard to be happy when your wedding goes the way ours did. Kate's death was very unfortunate. Niko, don't blame yourself.

Niko: There's no one else to blame, Roman. It's my fault, because I refused to do that deal for Pegorino. It's my fault because I got close to her. I shouldn't get close to anyone.

Roman: You should, Niko. Stay close to Mallorie and me. We're your family. Mallorie is pregnant. If it's a girl, we'll call it Kate.

Niko: Congratulations, Roman. You'll make a good father. See you soon.


Patrick: I never thought this would happen, Niko. I never fucking thought it. Kate, sweet, innocent Katie.

Niko: I'm sorry, Packie. I was there, I tried to stop it...

Patrick: She didn't do nothing to nobody. It was us McReary men who were the sinners. We're paying for that ourselves, she didn't have to pay too.

Niko: She didn't Packie, you're right.

Patrick: I gotta be with me Ma, Niko. She don't got much left other than me. And that ain't much... see you, man.

Niko: It's enough, see you, man.

Failing the mission

Jacob dies

Niko: It's not worth it. None of this is worth it.

Roman: I know. Jacob was a good friend to both of us. Call me soon, Niko.

Roman dies

Little Jacob: Dis a black day me breda, a black day.

Niko: I cannot talk about this now. Goodbye, Jacob.

Mobster's vehicle destroyed

Roman: There'll be another chance to find him cousin.

Little Jacob: I an' I will find dat ras clot again.

Niko: I hope so, see you later.

Mobsters escape

Little Jacob: Cha, him get away from us.

Roman: There'll be another chance to find him cousin.

Little Jacob: I an' I will find dat ras clot again.

Niko: I hope so, see you later.

Unused dialogue

(Dialogue which isn't heard in-game)

Little Jacob: A rocket be heading at us, rasta.

LCPD: Air unit seven-b has been engaged. This is a potential terrorist situation.

LCPD: Air unit seven-b has taken damage. Brace position! Brace position!

Roman: Alright, alright.

Roman: Alright, cousin. We hear anything. We will come to help you.

Little Jacob: Alright, dis us where he be going. What's the plan, Niko?

Roman: Are you crazy?

Roman: Are you trying to kill us too?

Niko: As long as he is dead...

Roman: Be safe, Niko. Be safe.

Little Jacob: Boy, dat was close and ting rasta.

Little Jacob: Boy, dis no good for me heart.

Little Jacob: Boy, me don't like dis at all.

Little Jacob: Boy, me tink me was gone den, ya know?

Little Jacob: Bumba clot!

Little Jacob: Cha!

Little Jacob: Cha! You are go down!

Little Jacob: Cha, get closer to de ras so him can feel me teeth.

Little Jacob: Cha, Niko. Don't be losing de bumba clot boy.

Little Jacob: Cha, Niko. Watch out for de missile.

Little Jacob: Come on me rasta. Get closer!

Roman: Come on, drive safely.

Little Jacob: Come on, Niko. Me can't get no shot from here.

Little Jacob: Come on, Niko. Wine up on him.

Niko: Come on, shit.

Little Jacob: Dey fucking wit our structure.

Little Jacob: Dis how we dweet inna Jam Down!

Little Jacob: Faster, rasta, faster. Catch up pon him.

Little Jacob: Feel I teeth!

Little Jacob: Get I closer for de shot, cousin.

Little Jacob: Get in in closer, rasta.

Little Jacob: Get I in range, ya know breda.

Little Jacob: Get in closer, Niko. We losing the ras clot.

Mafia: Get in, Jimmy.

Little Jacob: Get me close to dis bumba clot.

Little Jacob; Get near to him now rasta.

Little Jacob: Give me some heat, Niko. We need fe catch up pon him.

Mafia: Grab on, Mr. Pegorino.

Little Jacob: Him fight for that when him got nothing else.

Little Jacob: How long dis transport gwan last?

Little Jacob: I an' I get him, rasta. He going fe crash pon the island.

Little Jacob: I an' I need fe kill dis teeth affa transport.

Little Jacob: I and I be de righteous dread!

Little Jacob: I an I is fucked.

Niko: I guess Pegorino is not so weak after all, there were many men with him.

Roman: I just got married. I can't die here.

Little Jacob: I need fe get closer to get dis ras clot.

Niko: I showed a man that you cannot always get what you want at the cost of the lives of others.

Niko: I think I know what you're talking about.

Little Jacob: If dat hits us, we're fucked and ting, Niko.

Niko: If that shit, Pegorino, understands the worth of his life, it will be all the more satisfying to take it away from him.

Niko: I'm only going to say this is done when Pegorino's heart stops beating. You understand?

Little Jacob: It's all fuckerys.

Little Jacob: Jacob get de boat and ting. He ain't going far, rasta.

Little Jacob: Jacob have him sources, ya know. Dere be people who can help I and I when me in a fix, seen?

Little Jacob: Jacob nah mek no boy shoot after him.

Little Jacob: Jacob stopping these ras clots from taking us down and ting.

Little Jacob: Jacob taking dis blood clot down.

Roman: Jacob's gone. How many people have to die today?

Roman: Jah know me nah do good.

Little Jacob; Jah know ya feel de heat.

Mafia: Jump on, Peg.

Little Jacob: Land pon de Island mek we finish him.

Little Jacob: Let I show these ras clots how fe shoot a piece.

Little Jacob: Let Jacob stop these bumba clots form shooting after us.

Little Jacob: Look out for de rocket now, man.

Little Jacob: Lord protect us. We shot and ting.

Roman: Mallorie can't lose her groom today.

Little Jacob: Man, dis can't be good.

Little Jacob: Me can't shoot from back here and ting, Niko.

Little Jacob: Me no like ya bumba clot!

Mafia: Mr. Pegorino. I got you.

Little Jacob: Niko, de boat get away and ting. We ain't gonna get him, yo.

Little Jacob: Niko, you need fe get closer. We can't be losing him.

Roman: Please don't kill us, please don't kill us, please don't kill us.

Little Jacob: Put de chopper pon di island, mek we end dis now.

Little Jacob: Ras clot!

Little Jacob: Rhaatid! Roman be dead rasta.

Little Jacob: Rhaatid, dere be a missile heading at us.

Little Jacob: Rhaatid, we losing him. Get closer now rasta.

Little Jacob: Rhaatid.

Little Jacob: Seen, Niko. Good luck.

Little Jacob: Shit de motherfucker got us!

Little Jacob: Shit, dat was close.

Little Jacob: Shit, we're shot.

Little Jacob: Someone protect us.

Niko: Stay here, I need to end this by myself.

Little Jacob: Step on the accelerator, Niko. Get closer to de fool.

Niko: That is what I owe Kate.

Roman: There ain't no getting away from us now that we got this thing. It's a flying tank. He's a dead man.

Little Jacob: There ain't no way we going be finding these boys if ya lose de transport ya know, rasta.

Roman; There must be a safe way to catch this guy.

Roman: They say that the dying animal is the most dangerous in the jungle, cousin.

Little Jacob: True dat. When a man lose everything, and him still have him life, him know what it worth ya know.

Little Jacob: We being fucked wit and ting.

Little Jacob: We going down, we going down.

Little Jacob: We need fe be nearer to de pussyhole ya know. Me need more speed!

Roman: We're going to get him, cousin. We're going to win this.

Niko: We're going to win this, cousin.

Little Jacob: We shot, dis ain't good.

Roman: We were so close, I thought we had him.

Niko: We will kill Pegorino, cousin. Whether this constitutes a victory; that is another matter.

Niko: Well, we did not have him. He is still alive. I'll see you both later.

Niko: Where'd you get this chopper, anyway? This is a serious piece of equipment.

???: Would the black Huntley please pull over to the central reservation. You have been flagged for reckless driving.

Little Jacob: Ya fucking dead now man!

Little Jacob: Ya keep shooting and this transport ain't gonna be in no good shape at all.

Little Jacob: Ya need fe give I and I some cover else we never be able fe follow em.

Little Jacob: Yeah, me tink so too, ya know me breda.

Little Jacob: Yo man, I try keep dis ras clot off of us, ya know.

Little Jacob: Yo, two can play at this game ya know, star.

Roman: You shouldn't drive angry, NB.

Roman: You're checking your blind spots, right Niko?

Little Jacob: You couldn't take the ras clot down inna dat place back there? Him get away from you?

Roman: You're lucky we chose this as our escape vehicle, cousin.