San Fierro Rifa

San Fierro Rifa
Members of the San Fierro Rifa, as depicted in GTA San Andreas
Games: GTA San Andreas
Locations: Battery Point
Leaders: T-Bone Mendez (until 1992)
Type: Mexican Street gang
Enemies: Varrios Los Aztecas
Grove Street Families
San Fierro Triads
Affiliations: Ballas
Loco Syndicate (formerly)
Big Smoke (formerly)
Ryder (formerly)
Los Santos Vagos
Russian Mafia
Colors: Aqua
Vehicles: Blade
Weapons: 9mm Pistol
M4 Assault Rifle (End of the Line mission only)
Businesses: Drug Trafficking/Manufacturing
Fronts: The Pleasure Domes Club
Yay Factory
Members: T-Bone Mendez (Deceased)

The San Fierro Rifa is the sole Mexican gang based in San Fierro, later seen to be collaborating with the Ballas and Los Santos Vagos in the narcotics business. The Rifa also appear to work as thugs for the Loco Syndicate, possibly because Rifa leader T-Bone Mendez is a co-leader of the Loco Syndicate. The Rifa also had a dislike towards Mexican gangs in Los Santos, until they joined the narcotics business linked to the Los Santos Vagos. They appear to be rather neutral with the local Chinese Triads and the Vietnamese Da Nang Boys. They are based on the Norteños street gang, a real-life Mexican street gang in San Francisco, which San Fierro is based on.

Although the Rifa are known for various clashes with Grove Street Families member (and protagonist) Carl Johnson, they are normally not hostile towards the Families. They are the least threatening and violent on the streets; when the player attacks them, they usually run, although they may come back and attack Carl and some armed Rifas will attack him on sight, rather than running away from him briefly. Rifa members are mostly recognizable with their light blue bandanas and white hats.

Despite the death of their leader, T-Bone Mendez, the gang remains in existence in their turf throughout San Fierro, although following the destruction of their crack lab and the closure of the Loco Syndicate, it is unlikely they are involved in the drugs trade any further. However, there are Rifas in the crack fortress owned by Big Smoke.

The San Fierro Rifa gang members listen to the radio station K-JAH West in their cars.


The San Fierro Rifa are a hispanic steet gang based in San Fierro. They are involved in drug trafficking/manufacturing (especially crack cocaine), drug smuggling, gang-banging, murder and street violence. They are one of the primary causes for the spread of crack-cocaine in San Fierro along with the Loco Syndicate. With the Loco Syndicate, they distribute and smuggle crack-cocaine into Los Santos.

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