Da Nang Boys

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Da Nang Boys
Members of the Da Nang Boys
Games: GTA San Andreas
Locations: Easter Basin
Esplanade East
Esplanade North
Leader: The Snakehead
Type: Vietnamese criminal organization
Enemies: Triads
Loco Syndicate
Grove Street Families
Los Santos Vagos
Varrios Los Aztecas
San Fierro Rifa
Colors: No specific (possible black bandanas)
Vehicles: Buccaneer
Weapons: 9mm Pistol
Micro Uzi
AK-47 (during Amphibious Assault)
Pump Action Shotgun (during The Da Nang Thang)
Businesses: Human trafficking
Drug dealing
Fronts: Easter Basin shipping company
Members: The Snakehead (Deceased)

The Da Nang Boys (named after the Vietnamese region and city of Da Nang) is a Vietnamese criminal organization in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas based in San Fierro, San Andreas preparing a full move to the United States of America.


The gang is extremely violent, with major interests in protection, narcotics, and human trafficking. While the Da Nang Boys are portrayed as a major Vietnamese gang in the city, two other sects, the Shining Razors and the Butterfly Children, were mentioned in the game and in the official GTA San Andreas website, and are said to be active in Easter Basin. Their turf is mainly in Easter Basin and their main front is their ship anchored out in San Fierro Bay. They also have turf in Esplanade North and Esplanade East. The Da Nang Boys are seen wearing either street attire (in the form of t-shirts and pants), or traditional robes. They wield weaponry such as pistols, Micro Uzis, and, in a few missions, AK-47s and Pump Action Shotguns. As for their gang cars, they are seen driving around in Tampas, Mananas, and Buccaneers. Their favorite radio station seems to be Bounce FM, as evidenced when the player jacks one of their gang vehicles.

If a Da Nang Boy sees a member from the Grove Street Families, Ballas, Los Santos Vagos, Varrios Los Aztecas, San Fierro Rifa, San Fierro Triad, and/or Italian Mafia gangs, they will react with hostility - usually resulting in a firefight or hand-to-hand combat (especially if Triad).

Events of GTA San Andreas

The Da Nang Boys are known to have caused trouble with the drug-dealing organization, the Loco Syndicate. In one instance, they kidnapped the syndicate's head, Mike Toreno. Eventually, though, Carl Johnson and T-Bone Mendez rescue Toreno and bring him back safely to the Pleasure Domes Club in Battery Point. In another instance, Carl is instructed to guard a drug shipment van which is on the way to the drug factory in Doherty. In doing so, Carl manages to destroy four Da Nang Boys-caused roadblocks, which would have prevented the shipment from arriving at the factory.

The Da Nang Boys are also at war with the local San Fierro Triads and were responsible for the massacre of the Blood Feather Triad. They have also targeted the Triads' leaders, namely Ran Fa Li and Wu Zi Mu, in one instance attempting an assassination. With the help of Carl, however, the Triads responded with numerous attacks and schemes, such as an amphibious and an aerial attack on the Da Nang Boys' freight ships. Though the aerial attack proved to be unsuccessful, Carl manages to infiltrate the cargo ship, and frees some refugees held captive by the Da Nang Boys. He also managed to kill many members of the gang, including their leader, The Snakehead.

It is unlikely that the Da Nang Boys were finished in San Fierro after these events, as they continue to appear in the city. They were, however, seriously weakened by the loss of their leader and the attacks on their cargo ships.