Parsons Rehabilitation Center

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The Parsons Rehabilitation Center is a treatment facility for substance abusers located on Marlowe Dr in Richman Glen, Los Santos, which appears in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. The center is located in a rural area with three known employees: Professor W. Burton, Dr. S. Greene and Dr. P. Chen. A number of people, who are presumably patients, can be found in the centers grounds as well as a first aid kit, a spaceship part and a Carbine Rifle. The center consists of a housing building, a doctors office, a tennis court, a swimming pool and an area for residents to perform yoga.


  • A white board at the center states that the patients are scheduled for "Mass Debate" at 6pm, which is a likely reference to the word masturbate.
  • The Rx prescription symbol is part of the centers sign.