Penetrator (mission)

This Penetrator is a vehicle side mission in GTA 1 during the Liberty City part 2 run.


Enter the Penetrator in west Nolaw. As soon as you enter the vehicle, you will get a two-star wanted level and must get to a different vehicle at the central Brix hospital. After getting in the new car, you have to take it to Mel's respray shop in central Brocklyn. Once it's sprayed, you are told to bring it to the warehouse in Brocklyn docks in order to start the second run of the mission. Dropping the car off in the garage, you are told to take a cop car in southwest Hackenslash. Getting the cop car, you must then make it to the north Fort Law military base to pick up a guy. Once you pick him up, you will be shot at by the two soldiers in the base and will receive a four-star wanted level. In the final stretch, you have to speed your way through police barricades while trying to keep the car intact. An easy way to get through this is when you're passing a Spray Shop, to get in a different vehicle and spray it to take away the wanted level!

Text Strategy


S, big E, big N, small E, N in building.


Small W, big S, follow E, big S bridge, follow W, big S bridge x2, second big W, when at sidewalk with trees to north go small S, small W, follow S, alley E.

Auto Shop.

Small W, follow S, small W, follow S to garage.

Steal fast car.

Follow N/E, big N along right sidewalk for ARMOR crate, ramp bridge to end, big W, small N before bridge.

Cop car.

S, big E, S into square base.


Big E along south lane, bridge, big S, big E.

Steal other car to put in SPRAY SHOT just south.

Back into cop car.

Big S, big E bridge, big S bridge, small E before end.

Garage. END!

Video Strategy