Phone 17 - Part 2

Phone 17 - Part 2 is a mission in Grand Theft Auto 1 given to The Protagonist by El Burro. The mission becomes available after the mission Phone 17 - Part 1 has been attempted, and is automatically assigned to the player regardless of whether or not the player completed the previous mission.


This mission follows on from the events that happened in Phone 17 - Part 1. El Burro tells the protagonist that the people who located the buses for him in the previous job need to get their money. He wants the protagonist to deliver it to each person. The protagonist must first collect the money in a briefcase in South Potato. Once the money is collected, the protagonist must first bring it to Julio in Northeast Marina. Then, the protagonist must take it to Monolito in Northeast Glen Wood. Then the money must be taken to Paulo in Southeast Atlantic Heights and then finally delivered Ricardo in East Sunview.

Ricardo mentions that a cop is onto them about what happened with the buses, and El Burro wants him rubbed out. The protagonist has to find this cop and kill him. Once he is dead, the mission is completed.