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The following is a script of the mission "Portrait of a Killer" in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Contact: Come in, Niko.

Niko: Hi.

Contact: So... you fought in the war...

Niko: You know a lot.

Contact: Yes. You're looking for some people.

Niko: We're all looking for that special someone.

Contact: But most of us don't want to kill them when we find them.

Niko: Most murderers are committed by people you know. Most wives are killed by their husbands.

Contact: Yes. And my wife had better stop sleeping with that tennis coach, or... I'm joking.

Niko: I am sure your wife doesn't need to sleep around. Oh, I'm joking... I'm sure she does.

Contact: Funny. I'm divorced. My wife can sleep with whoever she wants.

Niko: Interesting...

Contact: I'm not divorced. I was never married. No details. I need you to go find someone for me. I'll be getting a picture through shortly. This is important.

Niko:So why use me?

Contact: We always use people like you. Karen - Michelle... she was the same. Someone with something to lose, but not much to live for.

Niko: What's in it for me?

Contact: Two things, One, you don't get a hundred murders pinned on you. Two... maybe I will help you. And maybe I won't. Now get access to a police computer and wait for my message. Go!

(Niko gets a text message with a picture)

This is your target. Find him and take him out.

(Niko finds his hideout and phones the U.L. Paper Contact)

Niko: I've found his place, there are a bunch of guys hanging around.

Contact: He must be in there, Niko. Dispose of them all. We're doing a favor for our comrades in the East.

Niko: You better start doing me some favors soon.

(Niko spots Dimayev)

Dimayev: At least I am not being sent back to the homeland. I do not wish to think what they would do to me.

Dimayev: This democracy you people speak of is all illusion!

Dimayev: This country is not free, your constitution is all lies!

Dimayev: The government is all powerful, there is no beating you!

Dimayev: Be staying away from me!

Dimayev: I should never have thought I could beat you people.

Post mission phone call

Contact: Did you serve your purpose?

Niko: Yes.

Contact: Then you are that much closer to finding the man you are after. That strange feeling deep inside - that's the feeling of satisfaction after you did something good. Congratulations. Goodbye.

Unused dialogue

(Dialogue which isn't heard in-game)

Russian: Alright, you win!

Russian: Okay, okay! That's enough man!