Rampage One/Script

This is the script for the mission "Rampage One" in Grand Theft Auto V.


(Trevor approaches the Liquor Market on Marina Dr south of Sandy Shores)

Redneck #1: You're gonna meet a bitch, that's where you're gonna meet one. You know what I'm sayin'?

(The second redneck spots Trevor approaching them)

Redneck #2: Hey, hey.

Trevor Philips: Gimme a siup of that.

Redneck #1: What?

Trevor Philips: Come on, my throat's dry as a motherfucker.

Redneck #1: Why? Is your mother dry when you... Boo-kaka-ka-ka.

Trevor Philips: Baa-kaka-baa... What the fuck is that, huh?

Redneck #1: Nothin'.

(The redneck puts his beer bottle down)

Trevor Philips: Well it didn't sound like nothin'. Alright, it didn't seem like nothin'. I don't think that it was nothin'.

Redneck #1: Look, I didn't mean nothin' by it, old man.

(The redneck gets up and begins to slowly walk away while the other redneck puts down his beer)

Trevor Philips: Old man? Old man?

(The second redneck grabs his gun and aims at Trevor)

Redneck #2: Fuck you, you creepy old motherfucker. That's right... I said it... creepy... old... motherfucker!

(Trevor grabs the gun and punches the redneck)

Redneck #1: No! Jesus!

Trevor Philips: Huh?

Redneck #1: Come on, come on, dude, get up.

Trevor Philips: What? What? Now where were we exactly, huh?

Redneck #1: We're sorry, man. We're sorry. No, come on, get up.

(The redneck helps his friend to his feet and they begin to run away)

Redneck #1: Sorry man, we're sorry.

Redneck #2: Help! Help! There's a guy with a gun!

(The "red mist" descends and Trevor begins shooting at attacking rednecks)

Redneck: Shit.
Redneck: Let's go.
Redneck: Lester is down.
Redneck: Fuck you!

(Trevor's comments while shooting at rednecks)

Trevor Philips: You insult me in my home town!
Trevor Philips: Any more of you inbred hicks?
Trevor Philips: Nobody talks about my mother!
Trevor Philips: What is this, a family reunion?
Trevor Philips: Old man? How's this for an old man?
Trevor Philips: I try to be a good neighbor and this is what I get!