Mrs. Philips

Mrs. Philips
Appearances GTA V
Full Name Mrs. Philips


Gender Gender::Female
Nationality Canadian
Family Ryan Philips (son, deceased)
Trevor Philips (son)
Occupation (former)
Voiced by Geraldine Moffat

You may be looking for the Strangers & Freaks mission.

Mrs. Philips is a character in the HD Universe who appears as a Strangers and Freaks character in Grand Theft Auto V. She is voiced by Geraldine Moffat.

Character history

Mrs. Philips and an unnamed partner had two children, Ryan and Trevor, before splitting up as Trevor admits to not having a father while growing up. To support her two children she worked as a prostitute and stripper before being imprisoned. Ryan, at an unknown point of time, died of an accident while Trevor did not visit her in prison much to her disappointment. After her release from prison in 2013 she breaks into her sons trailer and, upon his return, asks if he has found a woman and then if he is gay, telling him she had wanted a gay son as they wouldn't have forgotten her. After listening to his apologises she tells Trevor to find her a truck load Deludamol and a man saying that Trevor could use a father figure after growing up without one. Trevor later steals a truck of Deludamol and returns to his now empty trailer. Trevor drops to the floor and cries having once again lost his mother.

Mission appearance



  • Mrs. Philips is the second mother of a protagonist in the HD Universe to make an on-screen appearance, the first being the mother of Luis Fernando Lopez, Adriana Yanira Lopez in The Ballad of Gay Tony.
  • It is likely she is addicted to deludamol having asked Trevor to steal a truck load.
  • Trevor appears to have issues regarding his mother having taken being called a "motherfucker" literally and starting a rampage.
  • Mrs. Philips' voice actor is not listed in the credits. However, in interviews with Playboy and New York Times, Sam Houser reveals that his and Dan Houser's mother (the former actress Geraldine Moffat) has a cameo motion capture/voice actor role in the game, for which she isn't credited. Slight hints of a British accent can be heard in Mrs. Philips' voice, and the two women look similar, so it would be reasonable to assume that Moffat is her voice actor.