Rat Race

Rat Race
Huang and Kenny escaping from Hsin's men.
Huang and Kenny escaping from Hsin's men.

Huang and Kenny escaping from Hsin's men.
Game GTA Chinatown Wars
For Wu Lee
Fail Kenny dies.
Reward None
Unlocks Hit from the Tong
Clear the Pier
Unlocked by Wi-Find

Rat Race is a mission given to Huang Lee by his uncle, Wu Lee in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars at The Libertonian.


To begin with, the mission is a rail shooter, with Kenny driving a Cavalcade FXT with the player standing in the back with a Minigun with unlimited ammo. The player just needs to kill all the attacking Triads while Kenny drives. He will take a shortcut through Middle Park, where you have to destroy the cars blocking your path. Eventually the player will get to an alleyway, where the Cavalcade FXT crashes and Huang and Kenny bail. You then have to drive a Bobcat. Drive fast, avoiding enemies and rockets from a helicopter (the crosshair indicates where the helicopter gunner will shoot. When the crosshair stops, this indicates where the gunner will shoot the rocket, so that is the time to avoid it). Finally reach Hsin's penthouse, where you and Kenny tell him of Zhou's and Chan's treachery.


(A meeting with Kenny)

Huang: It's all there in the file, Uncle: Zhou and Chan are the Fed rats.

Kenny: What a predictable twist in the plot! We must get this file to Hsin as quickly as possible.

Huang: That's going to be rather difficult, now that he wants me dead.

Kenny: You are not alone, my boy. Because I spoke up for you, Hsin now believes I'm as guilty as you. As if I could be a rat?

Huang: An English friend of mine had a good word for people like him - that word was 'wanker'.

Kenny: This is no time for idle conjecture. It's time for a close up on me looking moody before I save the day. He's meeting with the heads of the Tongs today it's the perfect time to give him the file though, there's no knowing how he will react when he reads it. Come on. I've my car. I'll drive.

(Confrontation with Hsin)

Kenny: The FIB report is genuine Hsin there is no doubt. I know it's hard to see it in black and white.

Hsin: Zhou and Chan! My most trusted... My own son...

Kenny: I am sorry to bring you this news. But there're always others...

Hsin: Nonsense! I taught them to be ruthless, to give no ground but their disloyalty has been uncovered.

Kenny: Honor demands...

Hsin: I know my own oath to the Tongs! The traitors must die 'no matter who they are'. Leadership is a poisoned chalice I pass to you, Wu Kenny Lee.

Kenny: Hsin?

Hsin: You will be my successor. I retire henceforth. This is a fucking shambles. Enjoy yourself. I'm off to Macau to sleep with women of easy virtue.

Mission Replay description

"Hsin ordered a hit on me and Uncle Kenny.

His men chased us across the city, but we dodged them and managed to show Hsin the FIB report.

Uncle Kenny cleared our names and became the new Big Boss! My inheritance just went through the roof."