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Searching for a signal.

Searching for a signal.
Game GTA Chinatown Wars
For Wade Heston
Location Star Junction, Algonquin Liberty City

  • Death
  • Arrest
Reward $200
Unlocks Rat Race
Unlocked by A Rude Awakening
See No Evil

Wi-Find is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars given to Huang Lee by Wade Heston.


The mission is simple, just drive between the two points until the bars fill up then start hacking. The player must do this four times. Note: after each hack the player gains a wanted level star, so try and lose the heat before attempting another hacking. After doing this four times lose any heat and report back to Heston.


(A meeting with Heston)

Heston: Before my contact was fingered by Internal Affairs he told me our rat's ID is on an encrypted file in the FIB mainframe.You're gonna have to hack in, steal that file, and then cover your tracks before sending it to me.

Huang: What a fucking cliche! Computer hacking and encrypted files? Give me a break.

Heston: A break? Try this. Then I bust a major underworld player look like a hero, and IAD goes away. Then I sell the movie rights and we all get famous, but we don't sell out we remain true to ourselves and we make something of ourselves. Something special that was always there. When the dust settles maybe we can think about revenge.

(Collecting the file)

Huang: You look like someone shat in your bed, what's wrong?

Heston: The Feds have been speaking to two guys: Chan and Zhou. They've been selling each other, and Hsin, to the FIB separately.

Huang: Both of them are rats?

Heston: It doesn't add up: One of them has to be the Wonsu Boss... but which one... I don't know.

Huang: And one of them may have ordered the hit on my father and stole that fucking sword? So, what do we do? Whack both the shits? Arrogant shit then moron shit?

Heston: Not me. I'm done. This is too much of a mess. You take the file to your uncle - it's what he needs to get back in with Hsin. Me - I'm giving up and getting out before IAD finally nail me. I ain't going to get that bust. I guess I should start negotiating with internal affairs. Good luck, buddy.

Huang: I guess the biopic will have to wait for your ego to return?

Mission Replay description

"I chased around the city, hacking into the FIB mainframe to get the file on their rat.

Discovered there were in fact two rats: Chan and Zhou!

Those bastards were both selling the Triads out for their own gain. Gotta admire their balls, really."