A Bobcat in GTA III.
A Bobcat in GTA III.
(Rear quarter view)
A Bobcat in GTA III.
Appearance(s) GTA III
GTA Vice City
GTA Liberty City Stories
GTA Vice City Stories
GTA Chinatown Wars
Vehicle type Civilian truck
Body style 2-door pickup truck
Capacity 2
Manufacturer Vapid (HD Universe)

The Bobcat is a pick-up truck featured in Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. In GTA IV, the Bobcat's manufacturer is Vapid.


The Bobcat is fairly fast, with great torque, and has a two person capacity; however, it takes a long time and a straight and long road for the Bobcat to achieve maximum speed. It is four-wheel drive and handles well on rough terrain, and so can be used for mild off-roading, but is inferior to the Patriot in this respect.

GTA III — GTA Vice City Stories

The GTA III and GTA Liberty City Stories renditions resemble a 1993-1997 Ford Ranger XLT stepside, while the GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas and GTA Vice City Stories renditions are based on the first generation Ford Ranger. Pre-GTA IV Bobcats run on a V6 engine and are available in a one tone body color, or two for the GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas and GTA Vice City Stories renditions. While similar to earlier renditions, the GTA San Andreas, GTA Liberty City Stories and GTA Vice City Stories renditions also sport lower ground clearance. The GTA III rendition has a 3D modelling glitch where one headlight is rounded but the other is longer and rectangular.

Certain Bobcats in GTA San Andreas may feature Sprunk cans or a spare wheel in the back, and the Bobcat can be also upgraded at TransFender in GTA San Andreas with changeable wheels, exhausts, etc. Along with the GTA Vice City rendition of the Moonbeam, the game's Bobcat is one of the earliest vehicles in the series to features its name printed on its body (on the tailgate).

The Bobcat is used as a gang car by the Trailer Park Mafia in GTA Vice City Stories.


In Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto V, the Bobcat is now a full-size pickup truck, rather than a compact. It resembles a slightly altered 1985 Chevrolet C-10 with an extended cab, and a stepside box. The truck has a very powerful 550 CUI (9 liter displacement) V10 engine coupled to a 5-Speed manual. Despite having "super 4 x 4" written on the side, the Bobcat is purely rear wheel drive. Bobcats can be seen with optional bullbars, or a roll bar with four lights on top, and on rare occurrences, with both.

The GTA Chinatown Wars Bobcat is not unlike the GTA IV in terms of appearance and performance, with several minor tweaks and a permanent roll bar.

In terms of performance, the Bobcat in GTA IV is capable of rapid acceleration and a reasonable top speed of 130 km/h (80 mph). The vehicle does not turn sharply, but can made to powerslide with ease. Off road, the Bobcat suffers from lack of four wheel drive, low ground clearance, and extremely poor wheel articulation. Also, the engine is somewhat overpowering, resulting in undesired wheelspin in soft sand. The truck should not be considered a heavy duty vehicle for off road use.


The regular Bobcat is available with various unique qualities in some of the games it appears in:

  • In GTA Vice City, the player can acquire a black-and-red Bobcat during "Autocide", when the player is required to kill two targets (Marcus Hammond and Franco Carter) in the parked Bobcat. The easiest way to obtain the truck is by killing the driver using a sniper rifle from afar (which forces the passenger to exit the truck instead of gaining control of the truck himself), gaining access to the truck.
  • In GTA San Andreas, two all-black Bobcats (suspected to be used by the CIA) are featured during "Stowaway". The player can reach the Bobcats, at the cost of missing the departing Andromada and failing the mission.
  • In GTA Liberty City Stories, two uniquely colored Bobcats are featured during "Love and Bullets" (colored black) and "Panlantic Land Grab" (colored white with brown bumpers).
  • In GTA Vice City Stories, fireproof Bobcats are featured during "Shakedown" and "D.I.V.O.R.C.E.".
  • In GTA IV, a Bobcat is requested as part of Stevie's Car Thefts, appearing with a pale brown body. As a new Bobcat will respawn at the same spot until the player delivers one to S&M Auto Sales, the player can save one at their safehouse before delivering another.

In addition, there exists a gang variant of the Bobcat in GTA Chinatown Wars driven by the Irish gang. The "gang" Bobcat is distinguished by its green body and red roof.

Customization in GTA San Andreas

The Bobcat in GTA San Andreas can be modified at a TransFender, which offers a moderate range of customizations for the truck:

Italicized pricing denotes prices at the Las Venturas TransFender, which charges 20% more except Colors.

  • Colors
    • Car Color 1 (primary body color): $150
    • Car Color 2 (stripe color): $150
  • Exhausts
    • Large Exhaust: $250 ($300)
    • Medium Exhaust: $200 ($240)
    • Twin Exhaust: $300 ($360)
  • Lights
    • Round Fog Lamp: $100 ($120)
  • Nitro (mounted on the truck bed)
    • 2x Nitrous: $200 ($240)
    • 5x Nitrous: $500 ($600)
    • 10x Nitrous: $1,000 ($1,200)
  • Side Skirt: $500 ($600)
  • Wheels
    • Import: $820 ($984)
    • Atomic: $770 ($924)
    • Ahab: $1,000 ($1,200)
    • Virtual: $620 ($744)
    • Access: $1,140 ($1,368)
    • Off Road Wheel: $1,000 ($1,200)
    • Mega: $1,030 ($1,236)
    • Grove: $1,230 ($1,476)
    • Twist: $1,200 ($1,440)
    • Wires: $1,560 ($1,872)
  • Car Stereo
    • Bass Boost: $100 ($120)
  • Hydraulics: $1,500 ($1,800)


  • During development of GTA III, the Bobcat originally had a rollcage.
  • There is a visual glitch in GTA Vice City Stories that after using the Pay 'n' Spray in a Bobcat, the tailgate is open.
  • The Bobcat in GTA IV sells for $2,500 at S&M Auto Sales after completion of Stevie's Car Thefts.
  • Under the "Chinatown Wars" section of the Rockstar Games Social Club website, members may download a printable papercraft model of the game's Bobcat. The vehicle's design is more alike that of GTA IV than GTA Chinatown Wars.
  • The Bobcat plays the following radio stations by default when entered:
  • In GTA IV, the Bobcat seems to have three pedals, which could indicate it having a 5-speed manual transmission.
  • The Bobcat from GTA IV is featured in Max Payne 3, a Rockstar Vancouver game, as a background vehicle in wide environment levels (including Chapter II: Nothing but the Second Best and Chapter IV: Anyone Can Buy Me a Drink).


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