Clear the Pier

Clear the Pier
A tense meeting with Chan.
A tense meeting with Chan.

A tense meeting with Chan.
Game GTA Chinatown Wars
For Chan Jaoming
Target Chan Jaoming and his bodyguards
Location BOABO docks

Huang dies.

Chan escapes.
Reward $500
Unlocks Salt in the Wound
Unlocked by Rat Race

Clear the Pier is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. It is given by Wu Lee to protagonist Huang Lee, although it appears under Chan Jaoming's list of missions.


Once you have seen the cutscene, quickly grab the AK-47 and Grenades and eliminate all of Chan's bodyguards. Then, enter the warehouse and eliminate the last of Chan's men. Beware when you are about to enter the first door in the warehouse, a grenade will roll out, if you are around then you will get wasted. A sword will be handy in the battle. After the cutscene he will try to escape in a Banshee; you must chase and kill him.


(Help arrives)

Triad: Boss Wu Lee sent us to help you rout out that traitor Chan. Hey! I remember you! You recruited me a while back. And I've still got that shitty tattoo you gave me. Thanks man! My wife thinks I'm an asshole.

Huang: Don't mention it. Come on let's do this!

(Huang encounters Chan)

Chan: You've got it all wrong Huang! I'm not the traitor! You have to believe me! Please! I'll give you a wank!

Huang: You and Zhou are named in the FIB file as their rats you trans-sexual loving creep!

Chan: No! Why would I do that? I was going to take over from my father. It was all supposed to have been mine! Sure I can be a little hot headed and foolish, but I'm a good guy. I help people. I like animals and flowers. Yesterday I made a video of some young female gymnasts showering and it was ... beautiful. Someone set us up ... It wasn't me Huang ... it wasn't me.

Huang: You fucking liar! It's rich guys like you who give rich, nepotistic jerks a bad name.

Mission Replay description

"Raided Chan's hideout: That prick had to pay for trying to screw over the Triads.

He tried to worm his way out of it, saying he'd been set up. Yeah, right!

Blog about dying in agony, you fucking moron."

Rare Car

If you stop Chan Jaoming's Banshee, you can pull him out and kill him. This allows you to take Chan Jaoming's customized Banshee. This special Banshee, outfitted with spoilers and the Jaoming colors, cannot be found elsewhere, making it the rarest car in the game.