This is the script for the mission "Repossession" in Grand Theft Auto V.


(Franklin recieves a phone call from Simeon Yetarian.)

Simeon Yetarian: Franklin!

Franklin Clinton: Eh, what's going down, homie?

Simeon Yetarian: The market, my boy. Liquidity's a bitch. Get over here so I can give you the new repo list.

Franklin Clinton: Alirght, dog. I'll be around when I get a chance.

(Frankling walks into the showroom.)

Franklin Clinton: Hey, what's up, Simeon?

Simeon Yetarian: My dear boy. So good to see you. So good. Hold me.

Franklin Clinton: Yeah, look, man... Look, we've been working together for a about a few months now, right?

Simeon Yetarian: Which is why I am very honored to announce to you... That you... Are Employee of the Month.

Franklin Clinton: Huh?

Simeon Yetarian: Anyway, congratulations! It wasn't easy picking a winner.

Franklin Clinton: Yeah, me, Lamar, your nephew Sacha with the twitch. Look, man. It's been a real honor, homie, but I gotta move forward in my life. It seem like all I do is let people tell me what to do and I do it and nothing changes.

Simeon Yetarian: I tell you what, my boy, you tell me exactly what you want, and I will very carefully explain to you why it cannot be.

Franklin Clinton: What?

Simeon Yetarian: Today is repossessing vehicles that fools have purchased at exorbitant interest rates. But tomorrow... Together! I never had a black son, but if I did I want him to be just like you.

(Lamar interrupts the conversation.)

Lamar Davis: Knock knock, niggas!

Simeon Yetarian: Hello, Lamar!

Lamar Davis: What's up, Simeon? What's up, homie? What's happening, homie?

Franklin Clinton: Sup, dog?

Simeon Yetarian: Franklin here has been awarded Employee of the Month.

(Lamar looks very angrily at the award hanging on the wall.)

Lamar Davis: You fucking with me, right?

Franklin Clinton: Man, we both being fucked with, dog.

Lamar Davis: Man, knock it off, man. For real? After all the motherfucking work I put in, man?

Franklin Clinton: Man, fuck this Employee of the Month shit, homie. I'm sitting up here trying to get us...

Lamar Davis: What do you mean, "fuck this Employee of the Month shit", man? When there's some shit to be won, Goddamnit, I want it. I don't give a fuck what it is. Y'know what I'm talkin' about? I take no prisoners. I go hard doing this shit. Big dog. Big nuts. When names is on a motherfuckin' board I want to see my name at the top of that motherfucker and next to it, it need to say "Winner".

Simeon Yetarian: Maybe next month, huh?

Lamar Davis: Man, fuck next month, Simeon. What about today? I-I demand a retrial.

Simeon Yetarian: Today is nothing, just a bike. Hasn't made a payment at all. Some kid at Vespucci Beach. His name is Esteban Jimenez.

Franklin Clinton: Is he in a gang?

Simeon Yetarian: Curiously enough, I did not inquire when he bought the bike.

Lamar Davis: We got work to do, err... Employee of the Month.

Franklin Clinton: Man, fuck you, and come on.

Lamar Davis: Man, you's about a "yes master"-ass nigga.

(Franklin and Lemar leave the showroom and enter a car.)

Lamar Davis: What we waiting for? Magellan Ave., nigga. Vespucci Beach.

Franklin Clinton: Hey, wasn't that motherfucker who took the bike that ese - Vagus dude? With the tattoo on his face and shit?

Lamar Davis: Yeah, that was him.

Franklin Clinton: Fuck, homie, I don't want no unnecessary bullshit here, alright?

Lamar Davis: Nigga, I don't give a shit. There's a reason Simeon pays a couple of mean looking motherfuckers to come repo this shit. We ain't girl scouts.

Franklin Clinton: In your case, I ain't so sure about that.

Lamar Davis: Man, step up, nigga! Of course this dude real. Who else is gonna have the required surplus of paper, and deficiency of brain cells? He just put a dub down on this bike.

Franklin Clinton: Twenty Gs?

Lamar Davis: With a three G note!

Franklin Clinton: Damn, that motherfucker must be tricked out, dog.

Lamar Davis: Man, this whole setup designed to take drug money.

Franklin Clinton: Alright, man, look, we go in quiet. In and out, no fuckin' drama.

Lamar Davis: I'll try, homie. But I'm one loud, dramatic, brash, crazy, greedy, shoot a motherfucker in the back type motherfucker. And you love me for it, nigga.

Franklin Clinton: That's right homie. Nothing but love, nigga.

Lamar Davis: That Simeon a funny dude though, huh? It's gonna be a shame when we get to book his ass and jack him for all this shit.

Franklin Clinton: What the fuck you talking about? You a psychotic motherfucker.

Lamar Davis: That's how shit work, ain't it? You do some jobs for a fool, develop a little uneasy relationship. And then they ask you to do something above and beyond. You fall out, fools get capped, then you start all over again with some other fool.

Franklin Clinton: Where the fuck did you get that from? That ain't my life, dummy.

(The pair arrives at Vespucci Beach.)

Lamar Davis: The bike should be in one of the lockups down here.

Franklin Clinton: "Should be" is the story of your life, asshole.

Lamar Davis: I'ma make this look easy./Do as I do, nigga.

(On their way to the lockup, the two encounter a homeless person.)

Homeless person: Heeeeeey!

Lamar Davis: I think this crazy motherfucker want something.

Franklin Clinton: Hey, what's up homie? You alright?

Homeless person: Away, away, away from me! Zapho agents!

Lamar Davis: Ungh! Yeah you thought I was gonna hit yo' bitch-ass, huh? Drunk-ass nigga.

(If Franklin hits the homeless person):

Lamar Davis: Cold, homie.

(A pick-up comes around the corner.)

Lamar Davis: Shit, man, play it cool.

(The pick-up drives past them.)

Pick-up driver: Yeah, that's right. Keep it moving, bitch.

Franklin Clinton: Man, I don't like this shit one bit.

(The two keep walking)

Franklin Clinton: Hey, look, let's keep it smooth, homie.

Lamar Davis: Man, your pussy's the only thing that's smooth up in this shit.

Franklin Clinton: Man, what exactly did I do in a past life to deserve your stupid ass?

Lamar Davis: This a routine lick, dog. Chill.

Franklin Clinton: Do them Vagos look routine? This is Shady Ass Alley!

Lamar Davis: We in Vespucci Beach.

Franklin Clinton: We on the wrong side of Vespucci Beach. You should know, a block makes a difference.

(The two arrive at the three lockups.)

Lamar Davis: Eh, eh, eh, hold up. Got to be in one of these motherfuckers.

(Franklin opens the garage to the right.)

Lamar Davis: Man, ain't this 'bout a bitch? Ain't no motherfucking bike in here, man.

Franklin Clinton: No shit, nigga.

(Three Vagos members appear behind them.)

Vagos member: Hola, amigos!

Lamar Davis: Hola, ese.

Vagos member: Oh, we just saw you trying to creep up in here, man.

Lamar Davis: Yeah? You saw this, motherfucker?

(Lamar pulls out a gun and shoots one of the Vagos members.)

Franklin Clinton: Oh shit!

Other Vagos member: Oh! Oh! Oh! Vamos!

Lamar Davis: Motherfucker!

Other Vagos member: Come on down everybody! Come on down!

(Lamar throws Franklin a pistol.)

Franklin Clinton: Hey, nigga, I would have just gotten my ass beat over a fucking gun fight.

(Gun fight starts.)

Vagos member: Blast them putos!/Get those fools!

Lamar Davis: Find your bitch-ass some cover.

(Gun fight continues, depending on what happens, Lamar says one of the following lines.)

Lamar Davis: We got to move!

Lamar Davis: Motherfuckers got us closed in here.

Lamar Davis: Get in behind that truck, homie.

(Gun fight continues.)

Lamar Davis: They got me pinned down! Shoot the gas can!

(Franklin shoots the gas can, which explodes.)

Lamar Davis: Damn!/You see that?!

Lamar Davis: Now look what you gone and done.

(Franklin and Lamar start making their way back down the alley.)

Lamar Davis: Follow me, let's get through this.

(Gun fight continues.)

Lamar Davis: Up there! To the right!

Lamar Davis: Somebody tell them niggas this is a legal repossesion.

Franklin Clinton: So much for legit work./You sure pick the right people to pick a fight with, nigga.

Lamar Davis: Over there! They coming out that door!/Look out! They running on you!

(Some Vagos members try to escape the fight in a car.)

Lamar Davis: They trying to bail! Get that ride!/Get that car, homie!

(They both shoot at the car)

Lamar Davis: Man, fuck this!

Lamar Davis: How many they got?

Lamar Davis: Damn!

(The car explodes.)

Lamar Davis: Don't fuck with this pyromaniac motherfucker! You still breathing, homie?

Franklin Clinton: Yeah, barely, homie.

Lamar Davis: Shit, we gotta get the fuck away from this shit.

Franklin Clinton: Man, we only came here for a bike.

(A Vagos member on the bike appears in front of them, trying to escape.)

Lamar Davis: And there the motherfucker is right there. Hey, nigga, come here, we got yo' pink slip.

(If the biker escapes.)

Lamar Davis: Let's get him, homie. I wanna get paid.

Franklin Clinton: Paid ain't worth shit when you doin' twenty five with a L. We massacred those motherfuckers. Shit.

Lamar Davis: Pop that fool. We need him on his ass so we can get what we came for.

(Chase continues.)

Lamar Davis: Man, you lost him already.

Franklin Clinton: That's a monster fucking bike he riding, stupid.

Lamar Davis: That's the bike we came for!

Lamar Davis: Shoot that motherfucker.

(The biker is killed.)

Lamar Davis: We got him.

Lamar Davis: Take the bike and meet me at the car wash around the way.

(Franklin on the bike arrives at the car wash and meets Lamar who is already there.)

Franklin Clinton: Man, I can't hang with yo' ass for a while, bro. You a psychopath! You done finally fuckin' lost it!

Lamar Davies: Nigga, that's that Apache blood in me, homie. You lucky I ain't do a flying tomahawk and scalp they motherfuckin' ass.

Franklin Clinton: We can't repo the assets of a dead man, "big sitting chief asshole!"

Lamar Davies: Nigga, and we ain't going to neither, nigga. I'm gonna keep this motherfucker for myself. Tell Simeon we couldn't recover it.

(Lamar gets on the bike and drives off. Franklin is left behind, screaming at him.)

Franklin Clinton: You fucking tell him, you fucking moron!