Righteous Slaughter 7

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Righteous Slaughter 7: The Art of Contemporary Killing is a video game advertised in Grand Theft Auto V. The game is produced by Misfire Games and is available on the eXsorbeo 720 console. It is a parody of the modern first-person shooter (FPS) genre, in particular the Call of Duty franchise. The game is rated "PG" for "pretty much the same as the last game", indicating the that the game only has superficial improvements over its predecessors. Jimmy De Santa and Lester Crest are known to play the game; when the player switches to Michael after completing Reuniting the Family, Michael occasionally plays co-op with Jimmy; however, he usually throws down the controller in frustration.


  • According to the website, Righteous Slaughter 7 was released only 3 months after its predecessor, Righteous Slaughter 6.
  • During the game, some loading tips include:
    • "Buy more DLC; it makes you a better marksman."
    • "If someone speaks with an accent, blow their head off."
    • "Always verbally question opponent's sexuality."