Reuniting the Family

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Reuniting the Family
Game GTA V
Protagonist Michael De Santa
Objective Reunite the De Santa family
Location De Santa mansion
Fail Any member of the De Santa family dies
Unlocks Meltdown
Doting Dad
Unlocked by Fresh Meat

Reuniting the Family is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V given by Michael De Santa for himself.


Inside the De Santa mansion, Michael pours himself a drink and turns on the living room TV to watch a classic film. Michael eventually falls asleep on the couch and is woken up later by Jimmy. Jimmy apologizes for drugging him and attempts to reconcile with his father. Michael asks Jimmy about his mother, and Jimmy states that she is miserable with Fabien. Jimmy tells Michael that Amanda is mad because she is scared that he will get himself killed and wants him to prove that he does care for her and the children.

Michael and Jimmy drive to the Bean Machine where Amanda and Fabien are. Michael talks with Amanda for the first time since their falling out. Fabien insults both Michael and Jimmy for being out of shape then tells Amanda that she needs to pay for a new yoga outfit for him. Michael demands that Fabien show Amanda a little respect. Amanda tells Michael to just hit Fabien already, and Michael obliges by grabbing a nearby woman's laptop and hitting it against Fabien's face. Michael attempts to apologize for his previous actions, and Amanda tells him and the children to meet her at Dr. Friedlander's office for consueling.

After Amanda takes Fabien away, Michael and Jimmy drive to the tattoo parlor on Vinewood Boulevard to pick up Tracey. On the way, Jimmy mentions that she is meeting with Lazlow Jones in an attempt to get back on Fame or Shame after Michael and Trevor ruined her previous audition. Michael and Jimmy enter the tattoo parlor and find Lazlow attempting to solicit a blowjob from Tracey. Michael proceeds to humiliate Lazlow again, first by piercing his face several times, then drawing a phallic tattoo either on his chest or back, and finally clipping his ponytail. Michael then demands that Lazlow put Tracey back on the show and to make her look good.

Michael and the children meet Amanda at Dr. Friedlander's office. During the session, Michael and Amanda shout at one another while Jimmy and Tracey sit quietly with their smartphones. Dr. Friedlander bills Michael $4,000 for the group session. Michael felt the family had reached an epiphany but felt that they still had a long way to go, and Amanda tells him that no one really understands the De Santas. When the De Santa family gets home, the game automatically shifts to Trevor's perspective.

Secondary objective

Objective Description
Time Complete the mission within 10 minutes and 30 seconds.

Video walkthrough

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